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Earth Hour 2017

time 25 Mar 2017 (Sat) 8:30pm (2hr)

location globe

(free event)
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Earth Hour, the world largest collective environmental movement, will take place on 25 Mar at 8:30pm (local time).

Starting from lights off for one hour, we can make some changes in our daily life to create a better tomorrow. Combat climate change for a sustainable future. Themed as "For a Solar Powered City", Earth Hour 2017 also aims to increase the public awareness on our precious renewable energy in the planet.

2016 has been announced as the hottest year ever. If there was ever a time for urgent action on climate change, it is now.
What we could do to save our planet?

Adopt a low-carbon living style from switching off the lights. Sign up now to show your support: http://www.earthhour.hk
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