Timable Event

"Jubilee" Mayumi Hosokura photography exhibition

time 18 Mar - 1 Apr 2017 (every Sun, Fri, Sat) 1pm (6hr)

location nomad nomad studio 》香港灣仔軒尼詩道367號富德樓8樓

(free event)

In 2015, nomad nomad studio were honored to invite Japanese contemporary artists, Mayumi Hosokura, to come to Hong Kong for creation. The project invited more than 10 Hong Kong young people to participate in, as a prime model. The exhibition is named "Jubilee" means “festival of joy" in Japanese.

Hosokura uses photography as a medium, young people and natural materials always appear in her photographs, to highlight the brevity and endless of time. Gender have a preset role when spectator look at nudes creation in photography history, Hosokura tries to subvert it through the images of youth and sexuality, she questions, “When I use images of naked body, always I would like to ask to viewers for whom these images are taken?”
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