Timable Event

"The Week" Hong Kong Indie Music 音樂節

time 15 - 21 Apr 2018 7pm (7hr)

location 多個獨立表演場地

fee: 成人: $170(預售) / $200(即場) | 學生: $100(預售) / $130(即場)

The Week Hong Kong 再次強勢回歸!第二回將於 2018 年 4 月 15 至 21 日舉行!

The Week 為你帶來一群有熱誠和膽量大於標籤的獨立樂隊音樂人、一個充滿創意理念和氣氛的草根平台、連繫香港各個最火最活力的音樂場地!

The Week 將於 7 天的音樂活動裏、7 個香港不同的場地中、帶來多於 20 組樂隊展示的 7 種不同的音樂種類,來支持和宣傳香港本地音樂人。

The Week 想讓你發掘和表揚香港最好的本地獨立音樂!


Hong Kong Night - 15th April
The Week is all about the music of Hong Kong. That's why this year, we're kicking off with a Hong Kong Night. We’ll be showcasing bands that, in one way or the other, have that special local flavor. (Someone said fishball?) Come to listen to some of Hong Kong's wittiest and wackiest acts!

World Music Night - 16th April
Is Hong Kong really Asia's international city? Tonight it is! Come get a taste of the world village as Hong Kong artists revisit music and dances from Asia, Africa and America. Cosmopolitan Hong Kong, right here at our World Music Night.

Hip Hop Night - 17th April
Tuesday is Hip Hop Night. It was lit last year with over 250 music lovers attending, and you can bet it'll be lit this year too. Local freestyle legend Mastamic is headlining and some of the city's newest and freshest rappers will make sure you go home with a few new names to add to your favorites.

Metal Night - 18th April
Prepare your neck and unleash your hair, it’s mid-week and we’re celebrating Hong Kong’s hardest music with our Metal Night. We’ve decided to look far and wide to bring you all this scene has to offer. From electronicore to deathcore, get ready to redefine your tastes!

Prog Rock Night - 19th April
It just wouldn’t be the Hong Kong music scene without a Prog Rock Night to celebrate the city’s most hypnotic music. With headliners Life Was All Silence, get carried away by otherworldly harmonizations and 34-bar progressions from the best instrumental rock bands in town.

Girls Night - 20th April
Friday night is the perfect night to drink, dance, and smash the patriarchy. Come join some of the most exciting bands of the moment for our Girls Night. Math-folk stars GDJYB will be headlining a parade of feminine talent that’ll leave you wondering why you hadn’t heard it before.

Dance Night - 21st April
Why go out on a Saturday if it’s not to dance? Tonight is all about celebrating the power of local music to make us wriggle, jiggle and wobble. From swing to rock, from soul to funk, our Dance Night will take care of your ears and your hips. We want to make this a party to remember, so expect a few surprises along the way!

early bird
22 Jan 2018 (Mon) 10am onward

22 Jan 2018 (Mon) 10am onward

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