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time 3 - 6 May 2018 noon (6hr)

location 香港浸會大學 視覺藝術院 裝置藝術工作室 》香港九龍觀塘道51號

(free event)

Mei Yahn Yu: A Joint Exhibition by Jiyoung Yoo & Jocelyn McGregor

Opening Reception & Artist Sharing: 3 May 2018, 6pm - 8pm

Jiyoung Yoo
Working mainly with the format of painting, Jiyoung’s practice examines the most conventional and fundamental conditions for an artistic object to be defined as painting. In order to question such, the picture plane – the essence of the medium – is transformed with a physical cut-out or overlapping of panels. By showing the leftover of painting as a completed form or reconfiguring the way it encounters the viewers, she attempts to show the hidden three-dimensional qualities of painting and the relationship between its physical status as an object and image on the surface.

Jocelyn McGregor
Jocelyn is on the hunt for the point of transition between internal and external, real and imagined worlds. Using her own body as a starting point, she explores the inside/outside topography of the female form, looking to folklore, surrealism and supernatural fiction to investigate the identification of women with the earth, the home and the machine.

The materials she uses - domestic fabrics, beauty products, earth pigments, industrial materials – represent for her a point of transition for the body, the moment it meets the organic or the manufactured world. She uses absorbent materials that, due to their proximity to our bodies, play into tales surrounding the haunted object, where inanimate objects assume human qualities; from dolls and charms to animated furniture and aircraft parts. For her sculptures, she combines these signifiers to blur the boundaries between the natural world and the manufactured one, resulting in a super-natural hybrid of the two.
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