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[Early Bird] 周末身心大放松——藝術治療工作坊

time 26 Aug 2018 (Sun) 11am (2hr)

location Movin' Grid 》L/G Shop C2, No. 89-95 Hollywood Road (Sin Hing Street entrance), Sheung Wan

fee: $400
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Timable Ticketing
6 Aug 2018 (Mon) 10am onward

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In the fast paced city of Hong Kong, are you full of pressure at work, with family and in life? In partner with professional workshop instructor, Accidental Art is happy to organise a weekend escape program:
a series of relaxation with Art on four Sundays!
You will have the chance to build your own artistic emotional toolkit!

Workshop details:
  • To connext with your feelings and emotions, to take a moment and listen to your self and take care of your deep feelings.
To express your feelings non-judgmentally, without self-censorship, through different art forms.
To assemble and tailor your own emotional toolkit to cope with your bad feelings, and to return to a more optimal state.

The workshop includes 4 sessions:
SESSION 1: Color, Body & Emotion
Time: Aug 26 (SUN) 11:00~13:00
Location: @ Movin Grid
Details: With instructor's guidance, link color and emotions. Try to paint out your emotions and take care of your deep feelings. Start to be aware of your emotions, paint them out, and take care of your deep feelings.

SESSION 2: The invisible monster - Anger
Time: Sep 9 (SUN) 11:00~13:00
Location: @ Plantation
Details: Paint out your anger, get to know your "little monster" and learn to manage it.

SESSION 2: Anxiety relief and Mandala drawing
Time: Sep 23 (SUN) 11:00~13:00
Location: @ Plantation
Details: Release your anxiety with Mandala drawing.

SESSION 4: Your emotion collage
Time: Oct 7 (SUN) 11:00~13:00
Location: @ Movin Grid
Details: Follow your feelings and emotions to express them on canvas.

About instructor:
Tianyin got her PhD in psychology in 2015 from HKU, she has always been passionate about art and recently she finds out a common ground to marry her profession and interest -- art therapy. Now she is a trainee in art therapy and would love to share her learnings in this self-discovery and self-healing journey with more people.

Presented by: ACCIDENTAL ART
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