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time 17 - 18 Jan 8pm (1hr 15min)

location 香港演藝學院 香港賽馬會演藝劇院 》香港灣仔告士打道1號

(free event)


It is an experiment for the natural art of a cappella to crossover and entrance theatrical audiences of all backgrounds. The seven artists will bare their genuine emotions live on the stage for all to experience.

The six girls shared a common belief and established an a cappella group - Echogram. Singing had become their way of life, a bridge for the soul. However, providence has its own path, and doubts swirled after failure in the a cappella contest. After their taste of defeat, the troop faces challenges from within and pressure from the outside. Meanwhile, it also gonna be their first time to mourn the loss of one team member. As they tackle the toughest situation, what decision will they made on that night?

This production is a master's degree research project, collaborated by The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts students with the a cappella group Echogram, and various artists bringing their rich experience in performing arts. The aim of the show is to explore audience development in this cross-discipline art form and create awareness for a cappella in Hong Kong.

呂銓欣 Astrid Lui (Echogram成員)
徐芷琦 Jackie Chui (Echogram成員)
關芷瑩 Ophelia Kwan (Echogram成員)
林詠恩 Wendy Lam (Echogram成員)
賈亦勤 Karen Ka (Echogram成員)
曾楚翹 Gloria Tsang (Echogram成員)
邱家偉 Yau Yan

監製:張培蘭 Ivy Zhang
編劇:劉兆康 Sam Lau
導演: 嚴頴欣 Fiona Yim
副導演:李子楊 Leo Lee
音樂總監:許家臻 Ernest Hui
編舞:張曉琳 Lynn Zhang
服裝設計:劉紫蒨 Katie Lau
燈光設計:陳麒匡 Chan Kei Hong
音響設計:何咏川 Simon Ho

Facebook & Instagram: Missing_Our_Echoes
11 Nov 2018 (Sun) noon onward

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