Timable Event

"Lion Rock and Space" Kevin Cheng's Truly Hong Kong Series Art Exhibition

time 25 Mar - 31 May (weekdays) 10:30am (8hr)

location 藝全人 ADAM 》香港銅鑼灣軒尼詩道438-444號金鵝商業大廈10樓B室

(free event)

Lion Rock and Space
Kevin Cheng's Truly Hong Kong Series Art Exhibition

In this exhibition Kevin Cheng invites viewers to join him on a wondrous journey to explore Hong Kong through the vivid colours and unconventional perspectives of his photographic works. Making use of drone technology and his gifted artistic talent, Kevin has broken free from physical barriers and the lack of space characterising Hong Kong to create images distinctly different from those stereotypical portrayal of the City. His works also prompt viewers to ponder whether these are truly Hong Kong’s sights and scenes or merely fantasies. In fact this is typical of Kevin’s artistic technique, always unique and witty, which he has skillfully utilised in this exhibition to rekindle viewers’ appreciation of this beautiful City, home to all Hongkongers under the spell of the Lion Rock.

Curator: Ms. Julia Ip

Opening Reception: 2019.03.22 (Friday), 6:30pm (By Invitation Only)

ADAM Art Space is multipurpose. Please call 2570 7161 in advance to reserve date and timeslot for visit. Schools and organizations are welcome to visit in groups. Each group does not exceed 20 persons.

<Free Admission>

Artist Biography:
Kevin Cheng - ADA Angel

Kevin is an enthusiastic photographer, he is skilled in landscape photography and still life photography. Recently, he has been concentrating on documentary photography, capturing the social issues, and also drone technology, capturing Hong Kong scenes with unconventional perspectives. Kevin was graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2010 with a higher diploma, majoring in Multimedia Design. In 2015, he was sponsored by “Artists with Disability Development Fund” and studied short-term photography courses in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and London College of Communication.

Kevin has excelled in different public photography competitions before. In 2011, he won the Champion of “The 8th Hong Kong Abilympics” Creative Photography (Outdoor) Competition, and subsequently represented Hong Kong in “The 8th International Abilympics” Creative Photography (Outdoor) Competition held in Korea and received a Special Prize.

Kevin has held solo exhibitions for a couple of times, one of which was "The Forgotten City Series: Exhibition of “City / Farmers”. He is also an active participant in various photography exhibitions, including "detour – Coexist Exhibition and Sharing" and "Affordable Art Fair".

For more details about Kevin, please visit:


Below are part of the artworks that you will see in this exhibition.

Artwork Name: Lion Rock and Space
Artist Name: Kevin Cheng
Artwork Medium: Photography
Artwork Size: H 135.8 cm x W 90 cm

Artwork Name: Arena Stage of Choi Hung Estate
Artist Name: Kevin Cheng
Artwork Medium: Photography
Artwork Size: H 100 cm x W 100 cm

Artwork Name: Rainbow Wall
Artist Name: Kevin Cheng
Artwork Medium: Photography
Artwork Size: H 30.6 cm x W 100 cm

Artwork Name: Butterfly at Oi Man
Artist Name: Kevin Cheng
Artwork Medium: Photography
Artwork Size: H 50 cm x W 50 cm

and more artworks...!
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