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time 22 - 29 Mar 2019

location 維多利亞港 》香港

(free event)

KAWS:HOLIDAY finally travels to Hong Kong ! KAWS collaborates with his longtime collaborator AllRightsReserved to present his latest outdoor art project in Hong Kong. The brand-new, colossal artwork depicts KAWS’ signature character COMPANION in a relaxed, reclined position and the first time in grey colorway. Measuring 37-meters long, it is the largest sculptural endeavor by the artist to date!
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SANRIO CHARACTERS 盛夏幸福物語 @PopWalk天晉滙

27 Aug - 4 Oct 10am (12hr)

@ PopWalk 天晉滙 各期商場

全港Sanrio characters粉絲注意!今個夏日,由大家票選最受歡迎的Sanrio characters將齊集將軍澳PopWalk天晉滙,與你共度最具人氣的開心甜蜜盛夏!PopWalk天晉滙將打造「SANRIO CHARACTERS盛夏幸福物


7 Sep - 4 Oct 11am (11hr)

@ 大埔超級城 Tai Po Mega Mall

大埔超級城於今個秋日聯乘本地網紅插畫師何必小姐精心籌劃大埔超級城 x 寶寶兔棉花糖《月滿星空迎中秋》推廣活動! 大埔超級城推出一系列互動裝置、購物消費禮遇及秋日市集,包括《太...

《Next in Style》A Little Too Real: An Enchanted Dream by Vann體驗店 @K11

18 Sep - 1 Nov 11am (10hr)

@ K11 Art Mall

勇於開創潮流的K11 購物藝術館積極為大眾迎來嶄新的潮流及藝術體驗,於9月18日至11月1日展開一連8星期的《 K11 NEXT IN STYLE 》,以敢於大膽(Dare to be bold)、展現真我(Be your true self)及突破

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