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Black Mass // Siren 獻血《地靈祭。零叄》音樂會 2019

time 22 Jun (Sat) 8:30pm (2hr 30min)

location SAAL 》香港觀塘鴻圖道54號景雲工廠大廈3樓D室

fee: $180 (At Door Only)

地靈祭。零叄:Black Mass // Siren 獻血


第三回的主祭司,是以混沌黑暗力量糅合Dark Ambient、黑死金屬及實驗噪音的Black Mass // Siren 獻血。

Deathlander 地靈祭 is a concert series for darkwave, dark ambient and ritualistic music.

The 3rd edition of Deathlander 地靈祭 features Black Mass // Siren 獻血, one of the up-and-coming darkwave outfits from Hong Kong. Their music is deep and atmospheric, with a special blend of dark ambient, experimental and noise elements.

Black Mass // Siren 獻血 are:
Guitar - Zeo
Cello - Wing
Synth & Vocal - Mo Lie

Main Act:
Black Mass // Siren 獻血 (Experimental darkwave)

Supporting Act
∅ & Sin:Ned https://www.facebook.com/maitreyana (Twin guitar drone)
袁智聰 Yuen Chi-Chung (DJ set)

Visual concept: Ng Hoi

Jointly presented by Re-Records, @SECOND & SAAL
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