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Watercolor Hydrrangea Workshop

time 17 Jul - 19 Sep

location 觀塘成業街16號怡生工業中心B座1樓B06室

fee: $399
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Timable Ticketing
17 Jul (Wed) 4pm onward


HeyJune Studio提供一個舒式和創意的環境空間,讓身處繁忙都市的朋友,可放緩生活節奏,在這裡享受學習繪畫的樂趣,並進入藝術創作的氛圍。

Watercolor Hydrrangea Workshop
✨Size : A4/A5
✨Paper: 300gsm watercolor paper
✨Time : 3 hours
✨Cost : $399/person
✨Materials included : brushes , watercolor,300gsm watercolor paper, containers , teaching materials , references pictures printout , painting stands ,glue , glitter
Book:whatsapp 852- 94000862
Email: unique.shan@hotmailcom

Address: 觀塘成業街16號怡生工業中心B座1樓B06室

Come join our workshop to learn more about calligraphy and floral
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