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"The Chronic Life" @WCF 2019

time 31 Oct - 2 Nov 2019 8pm (1hr 10min)

time 3 Nov 2019 (Sun) 3pm (1hr 10min)

location Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre 》10 Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon

fee: $420

Director Eugenio Barba has been a pioneering force in European drama circles for over 5 decades following the launch of Odin Teatret, a sought-after multinational acting lab centred on Barba’s Theatre Anthropology approach. Drawing on an international array of artistic traditions, this vision of the dramatic art delivers impact through close analysis of the movements behind physical expression, mastery of the tensions caused between different parts of the body, and the inner energy generated. The Chronic Life takes place in Europe in 2031, after the Third Civil War. Groups and individuals converge, challenging each other over their diverging dreams, disappointments and hopes. Then a boy from Latin America arrives in search of his father, and people escort him from door to door...The 82-year-old director and actors will talk to the spectators after the first performance.

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5 Aug 2019 (Mon) 10am onward

5 Aug 2019 (Mon) 10am onward

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