Timable Event

“Harmonic Meditation” A Solo Exhibition by COSMIC WONDER

time 21 Sep - 10 Nov (except Mon) 11am (8hr)

location SHOP Taka Ishii Gallery 》香港灣仔進教園寶豐大廈4A及4B號鋪

(free event)

SHOP Taka Ishii Gallery is pleased to present “Harmonic Meditation” the very first solo exhibition of COSMIC WONDER from September 21 to November 10. The exhibition will feature pieces from COSMIC WONDER’s 2019 Autumn/Winter Collection titled “Harmonic Meditation”. Additionally, it will include works of various media, available for purchase, produced under the theme “harmonic mediation”, by craft artists selected by COSMIC WONDER.

Harmonic Meditation

The season when the water jug echoes the heavens
Beautiful dimensions ascend from the earth
Like myself and my true self
The sky and soil touch with light
Smiling angels and spirits rejoicing
Flickering all around like radiant stars
To bring all of life into harmony
Warmth rises up
Remembrances emerge from the past
New things made visible by the cosmos
According to the play of light
Take pleasure in the sight of art and clothing

COSMIC WONDER clothing is made of natural materials such as organic cotton, hemp, and silk, which are colored with natural dyes. The violet flame color, for example, is produced by mixing lac and blue gardenia; the vibrant rose color is made with lac; and the quietly beautiful, timeless black is made with ink dye.
The circle, a recurring motif in COSMIC WONDER collections, symbolizes the fundamental cosmic tone that resonates in people and space. We hope you will join us to experience COSMIC WONDER’s unique worldview that is fundamentally based on its work with nature.

“Harmonic Meditation – Arts and Crafts”
Curated by COSMIC WONDER / Yukinori Maeda

Hiroki Tashiro (Artist)
Kaoru Yokoo (Artist)
Masaru Kawai (Woodworker)
Miyakono Yasuda (Earthenware artist)
rinn to hitsuji (Candle Artist)
Sumiko Ishii (Craft designer)
Yasuhide Ono (Accessory designer)

COSMIC WONDER was initiated in 1997 by Yukinori Maeda. COSMIC WONDER is an international conceptual project, which sees its works as “spirit-affecting waves” that include not only clothing, but also artworks, books, and performance. In 2000, on invitation from the Pompidou Center, COSMIC WONDER exhibited its first collection “Steamer”. COSMIC WONDER continued to present its collections in various formats in Paris until 2009. In 2007, the “Center for COSMIC WONDER” was established in Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, as a base for its activities and presentations. In 2014, COSMIC WONDER began producing works that combined natural materials with handicraft. Recent exhibitions include “Omizue: Iwamino-kamito-mizu” at Iwami Arts Museum, held in 2016 under the banner of Cosmic Wonder & Kogei Punks Sha, and “Kami” at Shiseido Gallery in 2017. COSMIC WONDER is currently based in a former factory and traditional thatched house, located north of Kyoto in a nature-rich mountain village designated a national preservation district of historic buildings.
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