Timable Event

"Rotten Head" Craft Beer and Music Festival

time 26 Oct (Sat) noon (10hr)

location 達東路花園 》香港東涌達東路33號

fee: Early Bird $260
contact organizer

Rotten Head Fest is set to become the most exciting thing to happen to Lantau Island since the Mongol invasion of 1276. With over 10 Lantau and Hong Kong craft breweries, delicious food stalls, pop-up shows, the Handmade Hong Kong market, a baby disco, a totally awesome kids' area and some of the best music Hong Kong has to offer, It's going to be an event to remember. Grab a ticket when they go on sale in in a few weeks, bring the family and have a rockin' good time!

11 bands including our headlining act ARICLAN - 'The Voice of Macau', 10 craft beer vendors with names you love like Gweilo and names you'll come to love like HK Whistle, a Sound Off silent disco, 'paint-it' Jurassic Park, entertainers, bubbles, the Handmade Hong Kong Market - It's going to be EPIC!

Line-up: https://www.rottenheadfest.com/performers
public sale
9 Aug (Fri) 12am onward

網上: http://www.rottenheadfest.com/lead-up-events

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