Timable Event

"Circulating Vitality" A Solo Exhibition by Liu Ke

time 19 Sep - 31 Oct (except Mon) 10am (9hr)

location Lucie Chang Fine Arts 》香港上環太平山街26號地舖

(free event)

L+/ Lucie Chang Fine Arts is delighted to present, Circulating Vitality, a solo exhibition introducing a series of exquisite masterpieces of Liu Ke, who is one of the pioneer of contemporary abstract art in Guangzhou, China. Liu’s works are unevenly arranged by blocks of colors and stripes. With the compositional form of layers overlapping on to one another, tensions are rendered on canvas. While the variations in the distances between the boundaries of blocks and between the edges and its frame accidentally or deliberately constitute the changes in its forces, it visually captures the phenomenological nature of flow of energy in life. Having the series of particular form of works continued to be created, just as a world of power circulation lies upon the surroundings and humans that sustainably continues.

Liu Ke was born in Hunan, China in 1976. He received his master degree from The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (GAFA) in 2003 and became the associate professor of Oil Painting department in GAFA in the same year. Currently, Liu is appointed to be several vital roles in the art industry in the area, including vice-president of the School of Painting, the dean of the department of Oil Painting in GAFA, General Secretary of Oil Painting Arts Committee of Guangdong, and representative of several art spaces in Guangzhou. His commitment towards development of art in Guangzhou and even in China is significant in 3 aspects - art experiments, art space running and art education, and has become one of the key influencer in the art industry. Working with lines and shapes since 2012, Liu believes in abstraction and simplicity. “The clearer the form, the less expressive it is to reveal its intrinsic structure and spirit.” His works have evolved from meticulous structures to more simplified ones in recent years over a journey of tortuous exploration. His works has been exhibited widely in museums and institutions in China, Germany, Italy, Thailand and etc., and has been displayed in Guangdong Museum of Art, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, and currently in Hubei Institute of Fine Arts.

The forthcoming Circulating Vitality marks Liu Ke’s debut solo exhibition in Hong Kong, illustrating the intrinsic relationship between visual elements and canvases, canvases and the world’s vitality through a contemporary approach of abstract art.

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