Timable Event

"Play. Boredom. Worship" Exhibition

time 19 Oct - 24 Nov 11am (10hr)

location Eaton HK 4/F Tomorrow Maybe 》佐敦彌敦道380號香港逸東酒店

(free event)

South Korean-born German philosopher Byung-Chul Han once quoted an example to explain the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben’s concept of ‘profanation’: During the recession period in Greece, a group of children discovered a large amount of banknotes in a ruined house. Instead of using them as what money is supposed to, they playing with them and tearing them to shreds.

Profanation is an act of taking sacred things from gods and turning it into mortal usage. By quoting this example, Han portraits a post-apocalypse world where money has lost its meaning, and we are shredding paper for fun, like the ‘profanation’ act of the children.

Perhaps in arts, ‘profanation’ could be described as the way of how artists create through appropriation and conceptualisation. Both ways are giving new meaning towards pre-existed objects and subjects. Curated by Alex Yiu and Suze Chan, ‘Play. Boredom. Worship.’ will present new artworks from six emerging artists from Hong Kong. Through dialogue and discussion with the curators, the artists interpret the idea with different perspectives and angles with their artworks.

Opening reception: 19/10

Production Support: Herman Lau, Phoenix Tse

Participating artists:

Chan Moon

Vunkwan Tam

Harry Chan

Suze Chan

Mia Chu

Wong Tsz Yin

Co-curated by Alex Yiu & Suze Chan
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