Timable Event

"Sanctuary" A Solo Exhibition by Liu Qi

time 22 Oct - 15 Nov 2019 (weekdays) 10am (9hr)

location 方由美術 Galerie Ora-Ora 》香港皇后大道西189號西浦189 1樓3號舖​

(free event)

Galerie Ora Ora is pleased to announce the joining of Chinese artist Liu Qi. The gallery will present Liu’s solo exhibition Sanctuary from 22 October to 16 November. The opening reception will be held from 6 pm to 8 pm on 22 October (Tuesday). The artist will be present.

Styling is the main focus of Liu Qi’s figurative paintings. He draws inspiration from figurative styles of various traditional cultures, such as Thangka paintings, Egyptian and Medieval profile portraits, and the colours and figures found in Chinese Han paintings. His artistic approach refrains from allowing personal feelings to subjectively influence the scene, but instead depict every emotion objectively. Liu connects contemporary art and traditional cultures in a calm, elegant and romantic manner. His paintings preserve the traditional characteristics of Chinese ethnicity while balancing contemporary elements at the same time.
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