Timable Event

Live Jazz Series: “Riddles” by Ray Lema & Laurent de Wilde @Le French May 2020 (Cancelled)

time 10 Jun (Wed) 8pm (1hr 30min)

location Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall 》5 Edinburgh Place, Central, Hong Kong

fee: $380 /$280

Due to the current situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, our official program is currently on hold until further notice.As a result, The Little Prince, The Wandering Shadows, Les Arts Florissants, New Monk Trio, Riddles and TUTU will not be held as scheduled.Audience who purchased tickets via URBTIX can apply for a full refund.Refund procedure is available on frenchmay website.

Le French May Arts festival presents its 4th Live Jazz Series and this time in collaboration with World Jazz Live Series. Enjoy the ride: you will be listening to the soulful music and rhythms of some of today’s most talented jazz musicians inspired by different cultures.

The second night features Riddles – the duo piano performance by Ray Lema & Laurent de Wilde. The two men – who met twenty-five years ago – love to exchange their ideas and decided to continue the conversation in music. For this project, they shared the same belief: play as few notes as possible, and only the good ones.

This 60-minute performance is scarce with maxing jazz and African music as well as difficult to compose and perform the melody in a perfect balance by two pianos. Through Ray and Laurent, we can hear two captivating worlds colliding towards each other. But they meet under one philosophy that puts listening and sharing at the highest peak of their musical ambition.
27 Dec 2019 10am - 10 Feb 2020 11:59pm

27 Dec 2019 (Fri) 10am onward

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The Late Bloomers - Dialogue of the Cello & Piano 大提琴/鋼琴的對話 在音樂路上姗姗来遲的四個人,有的在主修路上不斷追求,亦有的在正職生活營營役役。但是,大家對音樂的熱愛,一直從未變改

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Update 30/5/2020: 演出補場日期為2020年10月3及4日(星期六及日),有關票務安排詳請留意以下通知。 另外,重售門票約於7月份作公開發售 Update 2/2/2020: 陳輝陽 x 女聲合唱 《人來

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Update: 鑑於新型冠狀病毒疫情持續,為關注表演者、觀眾及同事們的健康,避免人群聚集,樂團無奈取消原訂於2020年5月8-9日舉行的「汪明荃與香港中樂團 2020」音樂會,並延期於2020年12月11-12...

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