Timable Event

"Eternal Light in the Darkness" Gerry Li

time 13 Apr - 31 May 2020 11am (9hr)

location PMQ 元創方 S507室 》香港中環鴨巴甸街35號

(free event)

I often feel powerless in the darkness. Light, containing energy and vitality, lets me feel the meaning of life again and guides me to move on when I am surrounded by helplessness in dark times. It comes from nature or from my relationships with family, friends, or loved ones. It leads me to create rather than to destroy, to become rather than escape. Long after, colour will have faded, family will have gone, love will have vanished, friendship will have come apart, by the time my breath stops. Yet, there will still be light, shining till eternity.
So, I make this record of light and present it in this exhibition. I hope it can provide light for others in the darkness.

Exhibition Partner: PMQ
Photography Output: Excellent Colour LTD
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