Timable Event

"Unprecedented" Joint Ceramics Exhibition on the Art of Neriage

time 23 Apr - 17 May (except Mon) 11am (8hr)

location Touch Ceramics 》香港中環荷李活道10號大館3座203室

(free event)

In the exhibition ‘Unprecedented - Joint Ceramics Exhibition on the Art of Neriage’, Touch Ceramics continues to present a time travelling ceramics journey. The art of neriage (練上げ in Japanese) was originated in Chinese and then spread to Japan and the Western world. It is now one of the biggest trends in contemporary ceramics art.

Neriage, a perfect combination of clay techniques and ceramic art, means using clay or porcelain in two or more colors, delicately adding details and patterns onto the laminated clay, and create swirling and spiraling kind of works especially after throwing them on a wheel.

In this exhibition, we will show case the finest neriage works across period, from Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Each participating artist has his/her own unique neriage style. For example, we have neriage master Kamio Ogata who uses hundreds of coloured clay in a single piece of work and creates the unprecedented illusionary works with movements. We are also proud to present Taiwanese artist Ted Wang’s thin porcelain works with joyous colors and patterns. For local artist, we have Lawrence Ng whose works are repeated selected by ceramics competitions. Last but not least, Yukiko Takahashi is a rising neriage artist in Japan and her nature-inspired works give audience a fresh impression. We also exhibit some of the vintage neriage works from Japan so as to enrich audience’s knowledge in this specific form of art.

Neriage, an art with over a thousand years of history, is now entering its new era with more and more new styles of work, shining in different parts of the world. We sincerely invite you to come to the exhibition and close appreciate the one-of-a-kind neriage artworks.
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