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"A City of Glimmers" Light up a special 366 days exhibition

time 30 May - 28 Jun noon (8hr)

location 合舍 Form Society 》香港九龍深水埗大南街186號地下

fee: by donation
Light up a special 366 days exhibition :
【 A City of Glimmers 】

“We are the faintest, but the brightest shimmer in the darkness. “

A year passed, we have not backed off amid all the absurdity.
We stand still in the darkest time, despite the tyranny of the regime.

A glimmer of light seems incapable of brightening every corner of the city.
Yet, in the night of mourning, it sparkles the wailing hearts.

A glimmer of light may be inadequate to illuminate each side of the Rock,
But in the fog of terror, the starlight from above calmly guide the heirs’ way.

Still, the night is long and dark, but it can never extinguish the glimmer.
We vow, from shimmer to dawn, to liberate our city.

Since June 2019, no one dare to give up our nature instinct — to fight for our freedom. Every night , all of us devoted our utmost effort to brighten up our city.

Before the glory arrives, let us glows together side by side. One day, we will come close to our bright future.

The exhibition showcases art pieces created by 14 different units of which the artists are originated from Hong Kong , Malaysia, France, Taiwan.

Fee: by donation
Organiser:黃色文創圈 Cultural Creative and Craft Yellow Circle
Curator: 鹿鳴

Him Lo 盧樂謙
Ivan Gros
JasonTommy Illustration 小塗蛙
Josh Chang
Lau Hok Shing 劉學成
Tekkhean Lee 李迪權
Make Your Day Candle
手作J - 橡皮印章
巨人染 Giants Tie Dye
甘聖欣 WORDist 彩繪文字師
含蓄 Humchuk
野良猫部隊 Noraneko Butai

For enquires, please contact 64755355.
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