Timable Event

"Master of Obsession" Kong Hoi Kan's Solo Contemporary Chinese Seal Exhibition

time 3 - 26 Jul 10am (10hr)

location PMQ 元創方 S414室 》香港中環鴨巴甸街35號

(free event)

About Exhibition A “wanderer in troubled waters”, Chinese seal artist Thomas Kong makes a living from seal carving. For years, he has helped numerous couples engrave their names on stone after stone – to seal and to symbolise their sentiment, a memento of love.

Since who knows when, clients from all walks of life started to tell Kong their love stories when he presented the consigned works. From then on, he was told the wildest and strangest tales.

In this exhibition, Kong becomes the “Master of Obsession” like in the legendary Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber, as he recounts chapters of marriages and love stories from his consignees. Be it love affairs, infatuation, unrequited love, or open and complicated relationships, it is a taste of lust and life.

About Artist
Kong Hoi Kan, Thomas
Kong Hoi Kan, Thomas received his BA in Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University and MA in Cultural Management at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Once an art administrator, Kong now works full-time as a Chinese seal artist. Taking Han culture as blueprint and orienting at present-day human values, his practice manifests a notion of contemporary seal art. Kong’s works have been collected by corporate and individual collectors. He has also been supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and other social organisations to host exhibitions. Kong proactively hosts workshops, talks and art demonstrations at different commercial entities and universities.
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