Timable Event

"Dragon’s Delusion-Preface" Premiere & Music Night

time 26 Jul (Sun) 8am (3hr)

location Eaton HK Hotel 》380 Nathan Road

fee: HK$158.99 – HK$180.18

In 2018, three animation directors: Kongkee, Lee Kwok Wai and Tsui Ka Hei initiated a crowdfunding project for a Hong Kong cyberpunk animation which became “Dragon’s Delusion”. After successfully crowdfunding for the project, earlier this year, the Team completed a significant chapter - “Preface” - and wish to share their hard work with the project’s supporters and fans.

On July 26, they will present a visual and music showcase entitled “Dragon’s Delusion – Preface: Premiere and Music Night”.

Music from “Dragon’s Delusion” is always a surprise. Director Kongkee believes animation is a medium allowing different creative disciplines to inspire each other. On this occasion, he has invited musicians who’ve worked alongside him on Dragon's Delusion including Ah Ling and his band Teenage Riot to perform. Ah Ling wrote the music score of the first two chapters of Dragon's Delusion. The evening will also include Choi Sai Ho, who created the Dragon’s Delusion Era MV. Last, but not the least, Veronica Lee supported with the music score for the newest chapter, “Preface”, and will also be on the line-up.

Teenage Riot, Under the Harbour Record Label, is a local musical collective aimed at delivering non-stop blast of noisenik-psychedelic-rock, its name comes from the classic song Teen Age Riot in 1988 by Sonic Youth

Choi Sai Ho is a Multimedia artist and composer. He was awarded the Young Artist (Media Arts) of Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2012.

Veronica Lee has been involved in music composition for movies, advertisements, live stage performances, concerts, etc, and is currently one of the music producers at the forefront of Click Music Hong Kong. Her work secured the “Best Original Film Music” award at the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards.

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