Timable Event

“Twisted & Tangled” Solo Exhibition by Eric Niebuhr

time 13 - 17 Oct 10am (8hr)

location Art Supermarket 》香港中環士丹頓街五號嘉彩閣一樓

(free event)

In the exhibition Twisted & Tangled, Eric Niebuhr gathers his inspiration from everyday scenes across Hong Kong streets. Twisted & Tangled showcases a selection of his latest works and the behind-the- scenes painted studies. The artist plays between the line of figurative and abstract form. It challenges with a familiar sense of perception but leaves indefinite readings in the viewers’ mind.

The subject matter used in Eric Niebuhr’s paintings - which are based on gouache and computer-aided studies of photo-based and digital sources – can be traced back to the artist’s primary source of inspiration. He uses acrylic with a combination of mediums to create puddled areas of paint, amorphous passages, and flat shapes. The abstract qualities that the source and the paint material offer, introduces viewers to a world of unpredictability and create a visual entanglement - twisted & tangled.

Eric Niebuhr is an intuitive artist that draws inspiration from the everyday local scene. Chance and circumstance is something that continue to be a strong pull for discovering visual sources. “My current developing series reference trolley pushcarts used for transporting goods and rubbish on the streets of Hong Kong.” The artist explained. The improvised use of materials to bundle objects on the carts become the composition source for colour, line, and shapes in the paintings. The arrangement of bungee cords, ribbons, fabrics and ropes tangled on the cart formed an uncanny yet unexpected beauty that impressed the artist. Since that momentary encounter, Eric started purposefully following the trolley carts across districts. Walking along the urban street scene, these trolley carts are the threads and needles that knit together the city of Hong Kong.
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