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老牛Oversized Totebag工作坊

time 1 - 31 Oct 11am (9hr)

location PMQ 》A座7樓710 – 711室

fee: 380
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Timable Ticketing
29 Sep (Tue) 4pm onward


由於疫情關係,10月份工作坊 特設 1人 /2人 自選日期/時間 獨立小班, 查詢詳情可 facebook 或電郵聯絡

時間:1100 - 2000 內 自選日期及時間 連續 2.5 小時 (一堂)

價錢:每人 $380 (大小同價)

只需一條濶身舊牛仔褲,即可升級為一件 Oversized 老牛 Tote Bag。 工作坊導師建議設計方向,提供基本輔料,示範簡單裁剪縫紉技巧,讓參與者自行完成作品。

註:適合12歲以上及成年人。12歲或以下小童由一名家長/成人陪同參與。毋需服裝製作相關經驗。參與者須自備一條濶身牛仔褲(最短及膝)或 牛仔裙 (最短及膝) 。Tote Bag 完成尺寸 視乎 牛仔褲/牛仔裙 尺寸。

*** Owing to COVID-19, we will offer one-person / two-persons for the date/time of your choice in Oct. For details/inquires, please email or FB us ***
Upcycled Denim Oversized Tote Bag Workshop Experience

Date:Oct 2020
Time:1100-2000 (a consecutive of 2.5 hours of a date/time your choice) (One session)
Venue:PMQ, Central, Hong Kong
[Please email us the date and time you prefer after receiving the enrolment email]

Price:$380 per head (same price for adults and children)
Capacity:1-2 ppl
Language: Cantonese (English interpretation upon request)

Workshop:All you need is a pair of loose fitting used jeans and upcycling it to become a cool oversized denim tote bag. Our instructors suggest the design direction and provide you basic trims, and show some basic skills of cutting and sewing, allowing you to finish the bag yourself.
Remarks:For age 12 or above. Children aged 12 or under is to be accompanied by an adult. Not required to have any clothes making skills and experience. Please bring your own pair of loose fitting used jeans (at least knee length) or denim skirt (at least knee length) to the workshop. The finished tote bag size is subject to the size of the jeans/skirts.

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