Timable Event

"Macbeth" The Paper Cinema

time 6 - 7 Nov 8pm (1hr 20min)

location Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall 》5 Edinburgh Place, Central, Hong Kong

fee: $90

Paper Puppet × Animation × Original music
Premiere Production for Immersive Cinema

The Paper Cinema re-imagines Macbeth as a cautionary tale for our times. With typical charm, wit and invention the company takes its audience on a journey through rugged Scottish landscapes and encounter storms, betrayal and murderous plot. Shakespeare's tragedy with epic battle scenes is brought to life as beautifully drawn puppets, evocative music, sound effects and projection combine in a captivating silent film.

UK │ 2020 │ DCP │80 mins
Limited English dialogue with Chinese and English subtitles
Recommended for ages 12 and above. Children under the age of 6 will not be admitted. One ticket per person regardless of age.

Film version supported by the Battersea Arts Centre, Arts Council England, St George's Bristol and Leisure and Cultural Services Department

The Paper Cinema was founded in 2004 by Nicholas Rawling, Imogen Charleston and Christopher Reed. It performs a unique blend of live animation and music, which continues to tour the UK and internationally.
The company uses the language of animation, music, film and theatre to lead viewers through a variety of stories. Intricate pen and ink illustrations are manipulated in front of a video camera and projected onto a large screen alongside the original music, which is integral to the work. The company performed a critically acclaimed production of Homer's Greek epic, The Odyssey, in Hong Kong in 2015.

Artistic Director:Nic Rawling
Music Arrangement:Chris Reed
Film Director:Joshua Gaunt
public sale
14 Oct (Wed) noon onward

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