Timable Event

“Music Delight” Series: A Classical x Percussion Bash

time 30 Oct (Sat) 8pm (1hr 30min)

location 元朗劇院演藝廳 》元朗體育路9號

fee: $250 / $180 / $120

It’s a classical and percussion crossover bash, folks! Come and join in! Rearranged by the local percussionist Anna Fan on percussion instruments including marimba, vibraphone, drum set, timpani, electronic mallet percussion instruments, Brazilian surdo and African boba, popular classics are energized with percussive beats in the concert. From pop to heart-throbbing samba, then to African music with its crisp rhythm and beat, bringing a brand new musical experience to the audience by a cohort of young percussionists.

Creative and artistic personnel:
Anna Fan (Percussion / Music Arrangement)
Chau Chin-tung (Percussion)
Joey Wong (Percussion)
Raymond Vong (Percussion)
Wu Tin-lap (Percussion)
Tracy Lam (Percussion)

Special Guests:
Eyo Li (Percussion)
Emily Cheng (Percussion)
public sale
30 Sep (Thu) 10am onward

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