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‟Liquefied Sunshine | Force Majeure” a dual solo exhibition

10 Sep - 2 Nov (every Tue to Sat) 10am (8hr)

@ Blindspot Gallery

‟Liquefied Sunshine | Force Majeure” is a dual solo exhibition by Hong Kong artists, Luke Ching Chin Wai and South Ho Siu Nam. As an

"The Art of Resistance" 抗爭藝術展

20 Aug - 15 Oct (every Tue to Sat) 1pm (6hr)

@ KONG Art Space

位於中環的KONG Art Space現正舉行「The Art of Resistance」展覽,與一般展覽不同,這是一個「evolving exhibition」。就像遍地開花的連儂牆一樣不斷進化,藝術家和大眾可在展期內隨時更新作品,透過...

周杰倫《嘉年華》世界巡迴演唱會2019 香港站

7 - 8 Dec 7:30pm (3hr)

@ 香港迪士尼樂園 幻想道露天場地 (旅遊巴士停車場)

Update: 16/9/2019: 官方公佈演唱會日期、地點及優先訂票之信用卡為Citibank Update: 24/7/2019: 官方公佈新Tour主題 Update: 1/7/2019: 周杰倫歌迷會官方微博公佈了日期 Update:

「吉卜力的動畫世界」特展 2019 香港站

3 Aug - 3 Nov 11am (11hr)

@ Portal 6311


「變變變!MOVE生物體驗展」日本體驗展覽 香港站

1 Jul - 20 Oct 10am (10hr)

@ MegaBox L13


"OLD OH OH" 手作市集 & 舊物交換地攤

28 - 29 Sep 1pm (7hr)

@ 好時光 Ho Sze Kwong

由「 Market Free - M3」x 好時光合辦的手作市集,連續四星期將為你帶來復古懷舊風,舊物重新,務求舉辦一個多元化市集。喜歡手作或懷舊的你不能錯過。檔主名單將於稍後公佈。


24 May 2019 - 28 Feb 2020 (weekdays) 9am (9hr)

@ 工業貿易大樓 1/F大堂

2016年,張才生和鄧啟耀到訪日本京都丹後參與藝術駐留計劃,二人在是次展覽再次聚首,並乘著「旅遊」這展覽主題,將共同在駐留後的重要經歷帶到工貿大樓。 ​ 兩位藝術家圍繞他們對京...

"The Silent Balance" Raimund Girke

15 Jun - 28 Sep (every Thu to Sat) 11am (8hr)

@ 阿塞爾維伍德畫廊

Axel Vervoordt Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition, Raimund Girke. The Silent Balance. Following In Between White, i

"Ein Klang Lang" A Solo Exhibition by Jonas Burgert

22 Aug - 25 Sep (every Tue to Sat) 11am (8hr)

@ Tang Contemporary Art

Tang Contemporary Art is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by the German artist Jonas Burgert. Burgert’s firs

Dual Solo Exhibition by Giraffe Leung and Simon Wan

29 Aug - 28 Sep (except Sun) 11am (8hr)

@ La Galerie Paris 1839

La Galerie Paris 1839 is delighted to present a dual solo exhibition by two emerging artists from Hong Kong: Giraffe Leung (b

"New Paintings" A Solo Exhibition by Albert Oehlen

12 Sep - 26 Oct (every Tue to Sat) 11am (8hr)

@ 高古軒畫廊 Gagosian Gallery

These paintings are made in such a way that they accept order only very reluctantly. Eventually there is some form of order, but they

"Seven Dimensions" A Solo Exhibition by Matteo Pugliese

4 Sep - 3 Oct (except Sun) 10am (8hr 30min)

@ Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery

From September 4 to October 3, Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery is excited to present the solo exhibition of Italian sculptor Matteo

“Harmonic Meditation” A Solo Exhibition by COSMIC WONDER

21 Sep - 10 Nov (except Mon) 11am (8hr)

@ SHOP Taka Ishii Gallery

SHOP Taka Ishii Gallery is pleased to present “Harmonic Meditation” the very first solo exhibition of COSMIC WONDER from Sept

"Skew" A Solo Exhibition by Xiao Lu

12 Sep - 5 Oct (every Tue to Sat) 10am (8hr)

@ 10 Chancery Lane Gallery

10 Chancery Lane Gallery is proud to present SKEW, a solo exhibition and new performance by Xiao Lu, one

Dual Solo Exhibition by Louise Nevelson & Yin Xiuzhen

20 Sep - 14 Nov (every Tue to Sat) 11am (8hr)

@ 佩斯畫廊

Hong Kong—Pace is pleased to present Louise Nevelson & Yin Xiuzhen, a two-person exhibition puts in dialog one of the premier

‘Arp: Master of 20th Century Sculpture’

4 Sep - 9 Nov (every Tue to Sat) 11am (8hr)

@ 豪瑟沃斯畫廊

Hauser & Wirth Hong Kong is proud to present the first solo exhibition in Greater China of one of the masters of 20th-century

"Still-Life" A Solo Exhibition by Jennifer Steinkamp

19 Sep - 25 Oct (every Tue to Fri) 10am (9hr)

@ 立木畫廊

Lehmann Maupin is pleased to announce Still-Life, an exhibition featuring three recent video installations by Los Angeles-bas

"Simulacra" A Solo Exhibition by Lv Shanchuan

19 Sep - 26 Oct (except Sun) 10am (8hr 30min)

@ Contemporary By Angela Li 畫廊

“It is more difficult for us to imagine the real, history, the depth of time, or three-dimensional space, just as before it w

"Negative Reading | Reading Negatives" A Solo Exhibition by Qin Yifeng

4 Sep - 16 Nov (every Tue to Sat) 11am (8hr)

@ 香港白立方 White Cube Hong Kong

White Cube Hong Kong is pleased to present ‘Negative Reading | Reading Negatives’, a solo exhibition of new works by Chinese


5 Sep - 19 Oct (except Sun) 10am (9hr)

@ Edouard Malingue Gallery

‘Folded Veil’ brings together six artists around an exploration of how gestures can conceal reality. Focusing primarily on wo

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