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「貳頁 - 看好設計」展覽

14 Oct - 14 Nov (every Mon to Thu) 10am (9hr)

@ 3/F, 7 Mallory Street

由「香港設計中心」(Hong Kong Design Centre,下簡稱HKDC)推出的全新大型設計企劃「設計光譜」(Design Spectrum),以亞洲設計哲理為主題、於二級歷史建築「茂蘿街7號」為展覽場地,依次推出...

‟Liquefied Sunshine | Force Majeure” a dual solo exhibition

10 Sep - 2 Nov (every Tue to Sat) 10am (8hr)

@ Blindspot Gallery

‟Liquefied Sunshine | Force Majeure” is a dual solo exhibition by Hong Kong artists, Luke Ching Chin Wai and South Ho Siu Nam. As an

"Still-Life" A Solo Exhibition by Jennifer Steinkamp

19 Sep - 25 Oct (every Tue to Fri) 10am (9hr)

@ 立木畫廊

Lehmann Maupin is pleased to announce Still-Life, an exhibition featuring three recent video installations by Los Angeles-bas

"Colors of Asia" Paintings by Francesco Lietti

2 Oct - 15 Nov (except Sun) 9am (10hr)

@ KC100 Art Space

KC100 Art Space is proud to be a participant of the 2019 ITALIA MIA Festival - a partnership between the Consulate General of


12 Oct - 9 Nov (every Tue to Sat) 11am (7hr)

@ Gallery EXIT

安全口畫廊呈獻倪鷺露最新個人展覽《放鬆,直至分心為止》,展覽於2019年10月12日至11月9日開放,開幕酒會在10月12日(星期六)下午4時至7時舉行。 是次個展兼具油彩和水墨作品,展現紛陳...

A Group Exhibition of Holly Coulis, Nevine Mahmoud and Christina Ramberg

20 Sep - 25 Oct (every Tue to Sat) 11am (8hr)

@ Simon Lee 畫廊

Simon Lee Gallery, Hong Kong, is pleased to present a group exhibition featuring the works of Holly Coulis, Nevine Mahmoud an


10 Oct - 9 Nov (every Tue to Sat) 11am (8hr)

@ Galerie Perrotin Hong Kong

貝浩登(香港)很榮幸舉辦三藩市藝術家貝瑞.麥吉 ( Barry McGee ) 於貝浩登以及大中華區的首次個展《彼岸》。是次展覽陳列麥吉多件新作、現成作品及典藏,呈現麥吉不斷演化的幽默美學...


26 Oct - 30 Nov (every Tue to Sat) 11am (7hr)

@ Art Projects Gallery 藝途畫廊

Art Projects Gallery is delighted to present Japanese printmaking artist, Yukiko Morimoto’s latest collection of works in a solo exhi

「明彩:嶋本昭三 x AU」聯展

4 Oct - 17 Nov (except Mon) 11am (8hr)

@ 白石畫廊 H Queen’s

白石畫廊香港為您呈獻由嶋本昭三及其帶領的新銳藝術團體「AU」的聯合展覽《明彩:嶋本昭三 x AU》,是次展覽特別與嶋本昭三協會合作。嶋本昭三協會於2007年在意大利和日本成立,旨在推...

"Irene Chou Rediscovered: Paintings from the M K Lau Collection" Exhibition

14 Nov 2019 - 9 Feb 2020 noon (10hr)

@ Duddell's

The M K Lau Collection, is pleased to present "Irene Chou Rediscovered: Paintings from the M K Lau Collection", a smal


24 May 2019 - 28 Feb 2020 (weekdays) 9am (9hr)

@ 工業貿易大樓 1/F大堂

2016年,張才生和鄧啟耀到訪日本京都丹後參與藝術駐留計劃,二人在是次展覽再次聚首,並乘著「旅遊」這展覽主題,將共同在駐留後的重要經歷帶到工貿大樓。 ​ 兩位藝術家圍繞他們對京...

"Textures of Memory" A Solo Exhibition by José Parlá

19 Sep - 6 Nov (except Sun) 11am (8hr)

@ Ben Brown Fine Arts

Ben Brown Fine Arts Hong Kong is extremely proud to present Textures of Memory, an ambitious exhibition of works by New York-

"Fingerprints: Boundaries of Time and Truth" A Solo Exhibition by Zhang Yu

12 Sep - 9 Nov (except Sun) 10am (8hr)

@ 藝倡畫廊 中環

Alisan Fine Arts is pleased to present our first solo exhibition for the Beijing-based artist Zhang Yu. This exhibition is the

"New Paintings" A Solo Exhibition by Albert Oehlen

12 Sep - 26 Oct (every Tue to Sat) 11am (8hr)

@ 高古軒畫廊 Gagosian Gallery

These paintings are made in such a way that they accept order only very reluctantly. Eventually there is some form of order, but they

“Harmonic Meditation” A Solo Exhibition by COSMIC WONDER

21 Sep - 10 Nov (except Mon) 11am (8hr)

@ SHOP Taka Ishii Gallery

SHOP Taka Ishii Gallery is pleased to present “Harmonic Meditation” the very first solo exhibition of COSMIC WONDER from Sept


23 Sep - 30 Dec (every Mon) 2pm (6hr)

@ JC Contemporary, Tai Kwun


Dual Solo Exhibition by Louise Nevelson & Yin Xiuzhen

20 Sep - 14 Nov (every Tue to Sat) 11am (8hr)

@ 佩斯畫廊

Hong Kong—Pace is pleased to present Louise Nevelson & Yin Xiuzhen, a two-person exhibition puts in dialog one of the premier

‘Arp: Master of 20th Century Sculpture’

4 Sep - 9 Nov (every Tue to Sat) 11am (8hr)

@ 豪瑟沃斯畫廊

Hauser & Wirth Hong Kong is proud to present the first solo exhibition in Greater China of one of the masters of 20th-century

"Simulacra" A Solo Exhibition by Lv Shanchuan

19 Sep - 26 Oct (except Sun) 10am (8hr 30min)

@ Contemporary By Angela Li 畫廊

“It is more difficult for us to imagine the real, history, the depth of time, or three-dimensional space, just as before it w

"Negative Reading | Reading Negatives" A Solo Exhibition by Qin Yifeng

4 Sep - 16 Nov (every Tue to Sat) 11am (8hr)

@ 香港白立方 White Cube Hong Kong

White Cube Hong Kong is pleased to present ‘Negative Reading | Reading Negatives’, a solo exhibition of new works by Chinese

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