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Green Day Live in Hong Kong 2020

20 Mar 2020 (Fri) 8pm (2hr 30min)

@ Arena, AsiaWorld Expo

Lushington Entertainments is thrilled to announce the return of GREEN DAY to Hong Kong, ten years after their

Clockenflap 2019

22 Nov (Fri) 5pm (6hr)

@ Central Harbourfront Event Space

Our first-round lineup is out now, with UK indie giants Mumford And Sons, US electropop goddess Halsey and Miami rapper Lil P

Y-Concept Stage 音樂會 #93

23 Nov (Sat) 7pm (4hr)

@ Y-Concept Stage

演出樂隊: 立秋 Crying Sunday Morning Spread From The Air Avalanche Gainorva 驚愕花 只限Walk in

"Our City" FreshUp 音樂會 2019

24 Nov (Sun) 8pm (2hr 30min)

@ Fringe Club Fringe Dairy

啱啱過去嘅夏天,FREEUP 舉辦咗首個以 FreshUp 命名嘅年輕音樂人招募活動,成功獲10多位年輕歌手、樂手嘅加入!今年FREEUP 仲邀請咗新加入嘅成員參與首次大型演出:主題性音樂會— "FreshUp 2019...

"Give Me Democracy Or Give Me Death" 音樂會

24 Nov (Sun) 7pm (4hr)

@ MOM Livehouse

11月24日我哋原本邀請咗隊日本樂隊嚟香港,因為局勢未明,呢個計劃將會「暫緩」,絕對唔會「撤回」同「壽終正寢」。 場地就已經HOLD咗,不如順水推舟照搞一場全本地金屬樂隊為主嘅Show...

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past events

林二汶Eman X RubberBand KKBOX Live 音樂會 2019 (節目取消)

17 Nov (Sun) 8:15pm (2hr 30min)

@ Macpherson Stadium

Update 17/11/2019: 這幾天收到很多歌迷inbox,希望今次音樂會不要取消,因此各單位亦堅持到最後一刻,期望音樂會能順利舉行。但由於現時狀況突然轉差,考慮到入場觀眾以及整個團隊的安全,...

話梅鹿 "Insufficient Postag" 巡迴演出 2019 香港站

16 Nov (Sat) 7:30pm (3hr)

@ MOM Livehouse

< 話梅鹿 Prune Deer > 於2013初春組成,在主音離去後轉換音樂風格,走向數學/後搖滾路線。分別於2015及2018年推出專輯《實心透明》及《化學》。活躍於中港台等亞洲地區,曾參演大型音樂節如w...

"Punk O' Lamma" 音樂節

16 Nov (Sat) 7pm (4hr)

@ Lamma Grill

Punk O' Lamma Vol 2 The Punk O' Lamma Festival is back on Sat Nov 16th! Awesome bands, lot of beers and Lamma Island

"Nordic & Hong Kong Band Sound Gala" @WCF 2019

16 Nov (Sat) 4pm (5hr 30min)

@ Arena, Queen Elizabeth Stadium

Take eight Nordic indie groups and five Hong Kong bands and what’s the result? A spectacular weekend of sensational sounds. W


16 - 17 Nov 1pm (5hr)


音樂 + 無拘無束嘅零碳綠化環境 = 加倍享受!建造業零碳天地將舉行一連兩日嘅音樂盛會,邀請到Supper Moment、方皓玟、鄧小巧,同建造業嘅歌手組合等,為大家帶嚟最清新嘅音樂表演!活動...

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