Timable Event

"Heavy Unplugged"

time 2 Sep 2017 (Sat) 8pm (3hr 30min)

location Morrison Café & Bar 》上環皇后大道中284號

fee: $160 (Walk in)|$120 (Advanced)

In a fresh twist on Hong Kong's favourite Heavy nights, The Underground presents Heavy Unplugged. Three hard rock and metal bands will be swapping electric guitars for acoustic and stepping out of their comfort zones for a night of stripped-back sounds – with all of the same attitude.

First up is Wan Chai Warriors, a charismatic quartet known for their fun-filled shows, stories of bench-based mishaps, and an energetic frontman. It's not easy to imagine the band without their signature screeching shreds and riffs, but they're looking forward to the challenge of Heavy Unplugged.

Next up is Mockingbird, who competed in the Volkswagen x Underground’s Battle of the Bands earlier this year, and whose big-voiced singer has been likened to Paramore’s Hayley Williams. For one night, they'll bring their intensity down a notch without sacrificing any of their catchy melodies.

Finally, there's Bamboo Star, hair metal party-starters known to the world after their Planetrox win. “Stripping back will really force us to evaluate the essence of our music,” they said. Fans of the Bamboo rockers won't want to miss an opportunity to hear the gang present a unique take on their usual amp-tastic sound.

Come see these renowned performers go acoustic on Saturday 2nd September at Morrison Café and Bar and get ready for something a little different from The Underground.
public sale
2 Aug 2017 (Wed) 10am onward

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