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MORE JAZZ #18 Mark Leung and Barry Lam Jazz Duo

時間 1月26日 (五) 下午8時30分 (2小時)

地點 岡 PARTY HOME​ 》Room 1601, New Treasure Centre, No. 10 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong

費用: $120(Advance) / $160(Walk-in)

“MORE JAZZ #18” introduce to you unique local jazz sound at 岡!
Guitarist Mark Leung and Bassist Barry Lam have formed a jazz duo since 2015.
They love to share Swing and Bebop music experience.

1. You may bank transfer to " Groovy Life" , HKBEA account #015-151-68-00443-4 . And send us the bank-in slip with your name and contact number through mail, groovylifehk@gmail.com.

2. https://etickets.hk/project/groovylifehk/morejazz18

3. https://www.art-mate.net/doc/48980

Presented by: Groovy Life​
Venue Support: 岡 PARTY HOME

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