Timable Event

"Wilderness " Africa Photography Exhibition (Hong Kong) BY Tang Yu Lap

time 21 - 24 Jun 2018 10am (10hr)

time 25 Jun 2018 (Mon) 10am (5hr)

location 香港藝術中心包氏畫廊 》香港灣仔港灣道2號5樓

(free event)

The English word “Africa” originates from Latin and means “a sunny place.” The colors there are bright and beautiful. The horizons are endless. Its spirit is consistently free and unrestrained. Indeed, this savannah is primitive and filled with passion. It is by nature a cradle for life to flourish. Animals of all kinds are born with high hopes. They survive in hardship and danger and reproduce so as to continue the cycle of life. The cycle never ends.
Mr. Tang Yu Lap was attracted by the primitive vitality of Africa. After many years of preparation, he finally set foot on the continent in 2017. He visited five countries including Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Tanzania, and used cameras to record the most primitive sides of nature and experience the original intentions of the creator.
To support wildlife conservation, Mr Tang Yu Lap sets Hong Kong Station as a charity Exhibition and the donation will go to WWF in support of their conservation works. We hope to arouse the public awareness of protecting our living Planet.

About the Photographer
Tang Yu Lap is an expert in finance and forex exchanges. He is the founder and Honorary Chairman of Hantec Group, with its business network involving all the continents of the world.
Tang developed keen interest in travelling. Up to present, he has been visiting 133 different countries. He has written journals for most of the tours and has published more than ten books about travelling worldwide.
The photographer, Tang, is keen on travelling. He took pictures during all his travels to capture the beautiful moments. In 2017, Tang made his first photo exhibition “A Moment in North-East China”, and the exhibition was carried on in 12 different cities.
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