Timable Event

This Will Destroy You 香港音樂會 2018 (節目取消)

time 11 Dec 2018 (Tue) 8pm (2hr)

location TTN This Town Needs 》香港油塘崇信街6號 Ocean One 1/F

fee: Advance $420 / Walk-in $480

由於樂隊成員因健康理由提出辭演,主辦方OC2S與合作場地伙伴This Town Needs將取消11/12 This Will Destroy You Live in HK場次,並訂立退票安排如下:
1. 凡持有Ticketflap電子門票者,將會在短期內收到全數退款,有關查詢可聯絡Ticketflap公司。
2. 凡持有實體門票者,均可於銷售點White Noise Records或Zoo Records退回全款。


美國德州後搖名團This Will Destroy You,風格陰鬱,往往能夠撼動聽者靈魂深處。

現實中,TWDY也真的受到荷李活歡迎,歌曲《The Mighty Rio Grande》在奧斯卡電影《魔球》(Moneyball)、《抖室》(Room),甚至是警匪片轟天炮(Lethal Weapon)的電視重製版都曾經亮相。


THIS WILL DESTROY YOU began in earnest during the mid-00's in San Marcos, TX. In many ways, the initial sound of the band was the logical destination point for four friends (Christopher Royal King, Jeremy Galindo, Raymond Brown, and Andrew Miller) that had been playing in a variety of bands together throughout their teens. In 2005, the group began writing and recording what was intended to be a simple 6-song documentation of where they were at musically. Externally, Brown had been accepted into medical school, King was working on high profile graphic design gigs, and the four genuinely thought that they'd be moving into other fields, ultimately requiring the dissolution of the band.
public sale
20 Nov 2018 (Tue) 10am onward

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