Timable Event

香港藝術中心開放日 "Art X Encounter" 2019

time 30 Mar (Sat) 2pm (12hr 20min)

location Hong Kong Arts Centre 》2 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

fee: 部分活動免費入場

Art opens up dialogues when life encounters beauty.
From high noon till late night, the Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC)’s signature programmes Open House 2019 and Late Night Series – Art X welcome visitors to immerse in different forms of art and cultures! Our very special events will bring all walks of life together and enlighten your day with great artworks and stories. The entire HKAC building will be hustling and bustling with visual art exhibitions, film screenings, music and theatre performances, tarot readings, chance meetings and relaxing chats. Our programme is tailor-made for serendipities and discoveries. Join us to meet your unknown selves and new intimate strangers by spending a day at the HKAC.

Daytime and Evening Programmes :
  • Cultural Masseur - Collector's Hub
  • City Art Lab
  • Show Hand Show
  • Pop Up Guided Tour
  • Floor Battle
  • Art-shop Black Cat Postcard Stand Making Workshop
  • Exhibition: Billows vs. Waves
  • Exhibition: Sightlines
  • Exhibition: 5th Collectors' Contemporary Collaboration on Chinese Private Collection + Guided Tour
  • Beuys-5th Collectors' Contemporary Collaboration on Chinese Private Collection Special Screening
  • Open Secrets
  • Exhibition: PROCESSING: on Mind-mapping
  • Retreat & Relax - a Getaway from the City Bustle at Hong Kong Art School
  • Exhibition: Carsten Nicolai: fades stills
  • VR Game: Get Amazed by The VR Experience at The Library
  • Following The Imagined: Solo Exhibition by Hong Kong Artist TUNG Wing Hong

Late Night Series - Art X :
  • Human Library Hong Kong
  • Night Owl House Music Series
  • Inspiration: A divination talk Workshop by Mountain River Jump!
  • Movie Marathon: Manji & Betty Blue
  • Snack & Mocktail Bar

Tickets for Late Night Series – Art X will be on sale starting from early March. Please stay tuned.

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《夜貓音樂屋》音樂表演 @ 香港藝術中心開放日 2019

30 Mar (Sat) 8:30pm (1hr 30min)

@ 香港藝術中心 正門前空地

【與他和她的聲音邂逅--夜貓音樂屋@香港藝術中心開放日 2019】 也許你早就與他和她相遇─ 夜貓音樂屋在藝術中心開放日的晚上,讓你邂逅兩把截然不同的聲音。 來自台灣的Suzanne Jen 任書...

「驚濤 vs. 駭浪」展覽 @ 香港藝術中心開放日 2019

30 Mar (Sat) 10am (8hr)

@ 香港藝術中心 賽馬會展廊三樓

《驚濤 vs. 駭浪》人海裏,浪淘盡。世代更替,如波如浪,此起彼落。展覽延伸自蔡寶賢所着的《海浪裏的鹽──香港九十後世代訪談故事》,收錄了廿九位香港九十後的成長印記,嘗試藉展...

《路過露兩手》音樂表演 @ 香港藝術中心開放日 2019

30 Mar (Sat) 2pm (5hr)

@ 香港藝術中心 正門前空地

舞台巨星,不是你;但台上鎂光燈,可以屬於你。由 PUTYOURSELF.in 和 KaCaMa Design Lab 共同策劃的自由表演舞台「路過露兩手」,進佔城市每不個角落,鼓勵大家即興隨心表演,自由自在地欣賞演...

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