Timable Event


time 17 May - 16 Aug (every Sun) 11am (1hr)

time 17 May - 16 Aug (every Sun) 11:30am (1hr)

location G.O.D, 48 Hollywood Road, Central 》G.O.D, 48 Hollywood Road, Central

fee: $200 ppl|$360 for two
Timable Ticketing
member sale
Timable Ticketing
18 May (Mon) 11am onward


terms & conditions
- 購買成功後,觀眾一般會在數分鐘內收到由 "Timable 票務" 發出的「訂單確認」電郵
- 活動當日開始前,於接待處出示「訂單確認」內含的「電子門票」(列印或電子版)
- Timable 及主辦單位將以購買資料作是次活動聯絡及日後推廣用途

contact organizer
We would only operate a tour with a minimum of three participants. If attendants are fewer than required, we will send a notification to your registered email 24 hrs before the event starting time, and initiate the refund process. Please make sure you have provided the right email address and contact information, thanks!
During the period, there will be 10% off for two people signing up together. Call your friends and explore Accidental Art together!

Do you know the street art you pass by every day might be a masterpiece from a world famous artist?
Can you imagine that a humble painting on the wall of a small alley could worth $2 million?
Are you aware that your favorite piece of street art is very likely to be gone the next day?

Come and join us for the one hour tour around SOHO area! For the very first time, we are going to share with you the stories behind the fabulous hidden art pieces in the most secret streets in Hong Kong.
Price: HKD 200 Per Person
When: Every Sunday 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM English; 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM Mandarin
Max: 12 Participants per tour
Who: Art lovers with inquisitive mind
Wear and accessory: comfortable shoes, and maybe umbrella in rainy days. Please note that the tour does not cover insurance
Meet Up Point: G.O.D, 48 Hollywood Road, Central
How to get there: Get out from Central MTR station exit D and take the Central-Mid Level Escalator to Hollywood Road. Go along the Hollywood Road toward west, and G.O.D is at the first corner.

Cancellation Policy: Please note all tickets are neither exchangeable nor refundable. Tour will only be cancelled under announcement of Red/Black rainstorm warning or Typhoon #3 or above from HK observatory
Reschedule Policy: if you have any unexpected reason to reschedule the tour, please notify us 24 hours in advance

Contact us: Please don't hesitate to email us at [email protected] any time. In the case of emergency (such as getting lost before or during the activity, please call +852 6588 6440 or +852 5488 5045.


價格: 每位200元港幣
時間: 每星期日 11:30 – 12:30(普通話團)/ 11:00 – 12:00 (英文團)
人數限制: 十二人滿員
穿著裝備: 可以走一個小時的舒適的鞋;夏天也許需要雨具和自備飲品。請註意該團不包括任何形式的保險。
集合地點: 荷里活道48號住好啲 G.O.D.
如何到達: 地鐵中環站D出口出,搭中環登山扶手梯到荷里活道。住好啲就在丁字路口旁。
取消政策: 請註意一旦預訂將無法取消或轉售,但遇到香港天文臺發布紅雨警告、黑雨警告、3號台風或以上時,我們將會取消該團並提供退款或是改期的選擇
改期政策: 如果您由於無法預測的原因而不能參加,請提前24個小時告訴我們,逾期我們將無法安排改期
語言: 普通話/ 英文導覽。
聯繫我們:歡迎您隨時電郵我們[email protected] 如遇緊急情況(例如在活動開始前或中途迷路),請撥打+852 6588 6440 或 +852 5488 5045.
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