Timable 事件


时间 3月10日-24日 (逢日) 下午3时 (5小时)

时间 3月11日-18日 (逢一) 下午1时 (4小时)

时间 3月12日-23日 (逢二,三,五,六) 下午1时 (7小时)

地点 We3Art 》香港尖沙咀金巴利道25号长利商业大厦



开幕酒会: 2019年3月10日 (下午6时至晚上9时 )

Exoskeleton is Tobias C.Y. TO's first solo show which ,exhibits 10 of his more recent oil paintings from the last few years. He has been inspired by all kinds of organic forms and structures and abandons story-telling depiction in his work. His method is to collect a huge inventory of images as source material and transform them into unknown grotesque life forms which results in a coherent undertone of absurdity and mystery. His work reflects the dark side of humanity – be it fear, loneliness, despair, brutality, anxiety – with compassion and humour.
Shock value is never his intention. Instead, he is concerned only with the appearance and effect of the imagery rather than theoretical expression. He hopes viewers will respond to his work emotionally and not intellectually.

Opening Reception: 10 March 2019 (6 - 9 p.m.)
Address: Room 603, 6/F, Cheung Lee Commercial building, 25 Kimberley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


德萨艺术家驻留项目 x 苏咏宝

7月10日-8月31日 (逢二至六) 上午11时 (8小时)

@ 德萨画廊

德萨画廊荣幸地呈献第三届德萨艺术家驻留项目 (deSAR) 和迎来今年的驻留艺术家苏咏宝 (1985年出生)。艺术家将会在画廊空间内进行创作,画廊期间会在正常营业时间对公众开放。驻留项目将...

TECH-iNK Garden

6月26日-8月30日 (平日) 上午11时 (7小时)

@ 3812 Hong Kong Gallery

3812 Gallery Hong Kong is pleased to present works by the world’s first TECH-iNK artist Victor Wong, creator of the first-eve

「#8 艺术家」展览

8月8日-9月8日 中午 (8小时)

@ 香港A2Z画廊

「#8 艺术家」是A2Z画廊举行的一个夏季群展。是次展览精心挑选8位艺术家以流行术语, Instagramable (意指值得上传到社交软体 Instagram 的画面)为题创作一系列作品。在「#8 艺术家」展览中的艺术...