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"SUBLIMEY" Szabotage个展

时间 5月8日-8月24日 (逢二至六) 上午11时 (8小时)

地点 Art Supermarket 》香港中环士丹顿街五号嘉彩阁一楼


Update: Due to ongoing interest, the exhibition lasts until 24 August 2019.

Hong Kong art gallery Art Supermarket is pleased to present SUBLIMEY, a solo exhibition of selected works from British street- and pop-artist Szabotage. The SUBLIMEY collection came to realization when Szabotage noticed that his works were being unconsciously infiltrated by his surroundings and experiences, the pieces that followed were inspired by the artists subliminal reflections on his daily life in Hong Kong. The exhibition opening is at Art Supermarket, 6 pm on Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

“SUBLIMEY” is a Szabotage slang for the hyper-British expression “Cor Blimey” combined with the meaning of the word “Sublime”.

The show depicts the subconscious and its physical expression and how this can be manipulated by our activities and interactions. This can be likened to the stencil process in which an image is taken and reproduced, that in essence is the very crux of human existence. The second theme “Reflection” is about how we interpret and process the subliminal experiences we are having.
The entire collection is synonymous with the artist’s love and passion for Hong Kong and its iconic symbols.

Szabotage is a Hong Kong-based, award-winning street artist and designer. A former East London resident, his exhibitions have been held all over London and across Asia, including sold-out exhibitions, solo shows and numerous collaborative projects. Original works by Szabotage have been exhibited at The Asia Contemporary Art Fair and the Affordable Art Fair.

Since the artist’s arrival in Asia, he has been inspired by Hong Kong's iconic urban architectural style and its emotive streetscapes. His work and subjects are often a mix of popular culture, vivid use of bold colour and exploration of the theme of personal freedom. Szabotage has painted for HK Walls Street Art Festival and was a finalist in the global phenomenon “Secret Walls”, where he became notorious for his old-school graffiti and onstage antics. The artist has a Ted X talk on “Resilience is the Ultimate High” Patrons include Louis Vuitton, Jaeger LeCoultre, Deutsche Bank, Haymarket Media, and The Ritz Carlton. The artist is best recognized by his signature Koi which is a symbol of strength, adversity and good fortune.


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