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The Damned 香港演唱会 2019

时间 8月15日 (四) 下午8时 (3小时30分钟)

地点 TTN This Town Needs 》香港油塘崇信街6号 Ocean One 1/F

费用: Adv $490 / Walk-in $550

The Damned – the greatest surviving British punk band, bar none – are back with their first new album in a decade, still firing on all cylinders, and breaking all the rules. Where their peers either burnt out, or faded away into mediocrity, this most spiritually chaotic of all punk groups have never been away, never surrendered their ideals, always forged onwards. From 1977’s high-energy entrée ‘Damned Damned Damned’, via the riotous variety of ‘Machine Gun Etiquette’ (1979), to the macabre psychedelia of 1985’s ‘Phantasmagoria’ and beyond, The Damned have never stayed in one place for long. Colourful, anarchic, yet propelled by an indefatigably urgent creative motor, they’ve evolved and expanded their remit with every phase, to become one of the top- flight UK groups of ANY pop era. Since 2008’s ‘So, Who’s Paranoid?’, they’ve toured constantly, to raise awareness of that amazing body of work, culminating in a memorable career-spanning show at London’s Royal Albert Hall, which celebrated the 40th anniversary of their arrival in the explosive Summer of ’76. Catch them at one of the cities most intimate venues TTN as part of the Spirit of '77 celebration of all things Punk and pogo around to one of the finest bands of the Punk and any era.
6月7日 (五) 中午 开始

6月7日 (五) 中午 开始


Hoegaarden 赏想文创节 @中环夏志2019

8月23日-25日 下午3时 (6小时)

@ 中环海滨活动空间 C 及 D区

今个盛夏最大型本土文创巿集,大玩手作 DIY及创新Hoegaarden味觉体验Busking音乐衬托,中环海滨限定开催! 自2016年开始,正宗比利时小麦啤酒品牌 Hoegaarden 与每一个独创主题的「唱.悠花园」...

谢安琪 "kay... isn't me" 演唱会 2019

10月9日-12日 下午8时15分 (3小时)

@ 香港体育馆 (红馆)

Update 18/7/2019: 公布咗真详情喇! Update 15/7/2019: KKBOX 话系10月呀 Update 18/2/2019: 消息指Kay BB拎到2020年1月档期,希望系真啦! 有幸再踏上红馆舞台

"Playa La Fiesta" 海边音乐派对 @赤柱广场

9月8日 (日) 下午3时 (3小时)

@ 赤柱广场 天幕广场

赤柱广场于今个秋夏为大家带来「Playa La Fiesta海边音乐派对」! 7月至11月期间,每月的第一个星期日于赤柱广场将会有不同本地歌手及乐手的精彩表演,打头阵有香港人气乐队 — RubberBand、女...