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UK Subs 香港音乐会 2019

时间 10月6日 (日) 下午8时 (3小时30分钟)

地点 MOM Livehouse 》北角英皇道117-121號七海購物中心 B39

费用: Advance $390 | Door $450

UK Subs, the punk legends on a hundred thousand leather jackets, continue their constant touring regime playing to new generations of the nation's disaffected punk youth (who were perhaps SUBverted aged 5, watching Charlie and co on Top of the Pops!) Inspired by The Damned and The Sex Pistols, they formed late in 1976 as the 'United Kingdom Subversives', soon after shortening their name and playing all the London punk holes through '77. Two songs, including their minimalist classic, 'I Live in A Car', appeared on the 'Farewell To The Roxy' album and after a huge selling indie single in 1978 'C.I.D.', they signed to Gem Records via RCA world-wide. One of the most influential punk rock bands of all time, championed by the likes of Henry Rollins, Minor Threat, The Fastbacks, Hanoi Rocks, Guns &Roses, and even Dennis Rodman. This band has sold over a million records without any substantial radio airplay. The original songwriting team 1977-1983 played over a thousand shows across the world opening on tour for the Ramones and the Police and headlining to over 20,000 people on their last show. With seven appearances on England's prestigious "Top Of The Pops", four top 30 singles (UK national charts) and four top 30 albums including an album which entered the charts in its first week at number eight, this band has the most dedicated following of any punk band. We are delighted to bring this seminal Punk band to play their first ever show in Hong Kong at the intimate MOM livehouse as part of the Spirit of '77 live series.
6月7日 (五) 中午 开始

6月7日 (五) 中午 开始


Green Day 香港演唱会 2020

2020年3月20日 (五) 下午8时 (2小时30分钟)

@ 亚洲国际博览馆 Arena

Green Day于十年后再度踏上香港舞台,为香港歌迷带来只此一场的表演。这队曾五次入选格林美奖摇滚名人堂衔头的乐队将于2020年3月20日(星期五)

陈奕迅 "Fear and Dreams" 演唱会 2019 香港站 (节目取消)

12月9日-12日 下午8时15分 (3小时)

@ 香港体育馆 (红馆)

Update 21/11/2019: 演出取消公告 《FWD富卫保险 陈奕迅 Fear and Dreams 香港演唱会 19/20》是Eason阔别红馆六年后的首个香港大型演唱会,经连月筹备彩排,台前幕后已一切准备就绪,要将最精彩的演...

Stiff Little Fingers "Inflammable Material" 巡回演唱会 2020 香港站

2020年2月11日 (二) 下午7时 (4小时)

@ TTN This Town Needs

1977年成立的北爱尔兰Punk rock传奇乐队Stiff Little Fingers宣布2020年年初来港开唱,此次巡演是为庆祝他们首张专辑《Inflammable Material》40周年,香港站只此一场,机会难逢,元老级乐迷不容错过!