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Dylan Moran "Dr. Cosmos" 栋笃笑 2019 香港站

时间 12月9日 (一) 下午8时 (1小时20分钟)

地点 九龙湾国际展贸中心 展贸厅 3 》香港九龙展贸径1号 6/F

费用: $888 / $688 / $588 / $488

LA COMEDY LIVE and ADRIAN BOHM PRESENTS are excited to announce that Legendary Irish comedian Dylan Moran is set to perform in Hong Kong on 09 December, 2019, Monday, 8pm, at the Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre with a brand-new show ‘Dr. Cosmos’! Moran will once again offer his unique take on love, politics, misery and the everyday absurdities of life, all served with poetical panache from one of the finest comedians of his generation.

Moran has been called the Oscar Wilde of comedy and his famed style - deadpan, witty and crackpot lyricism - promises to be an unmissable journey through his interpretations of the world, swerving cliche to offer a cutting blow to our idiosyncrasies.

Dylan Moran is a comedian, actor and writer who, in 1996 at the Edinburgh Fringe, became the youngest ever winner of the Perrier Award. He went on to co-write and star in Black Books which won two BAFTAs. Other notable screen roles include Notting Hill, Calvary, Shaun of the Dead and Run Fatboy Run. Moran has toured the world many times, including versions of his show as far afield as Kazakhstan, Ukraine and across the US. His last tour, Off the Hook, took in 149 dates across the globe.

Don’t miss the one and only Dylan Moran! These shows will sell out!

“Trumping Shakespeare, he reduces life to four ages: “Child, failure, old and dead”. Faced with one-liners as killing as that the world suddenly seems a better place.”

The Telegraph

“His comedy takes on an existential dimension, as tubby, nicotine-starved, emasculated Moran comes to represent the struggles we all wage for meaning and connection”
The Guardian

“High-octane riffs from Irish master of grumpiness…spellbinding”
Evening Standard

“In his heightened ideas and vocabulary, Moran compulsively swerves clichés as he builds up layers of laughs… funny and fascinating, and utterly deserving of his place in the modern classics'
The Times
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