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亚洲当代艺术展 (春季展) 2021

时间 2021年3月19日-20日 下午1时 (7小时)

时间 2021年3月21日 (日) 上午11时 (1日7小时)

地点 香港港丽酒店 41-43楼 》金钟金钟道88号 太古广场

费用: 待定

The exciting 18th edition of the Asia Contemporary Art Show will open on Friday, March 19th, 2021 at the Conrad Hong Kong with an exclusive Private View followed by the VIP Collectors Preview and continues on Saturday to Monday.

On show will be more than 1,500 pieces of the most dynamic contemporary art being produced today. Presented across 85 art living spaces, including original paintings, limited editions, sculpture, and photography from some of the world's most interesting and promising artists - from emerging and mid-career artists to those who have already achieved recognition in private and public collections and at auction.


Bringing a world of art to Hong Kong, the 18th edition of the Show will feature Intersections: China, the sixth in the popular sector series, and Artist Dialogues, that is dedicated to solo and joint artist presentations.

Intersections: China will show a series of dynamic and diverse works by selected galleries and artists that use concepts, techniques, materials or subject matter drawn from the past and re-envision them to reflect the present, find inspiration from traditional arts and reinterpret them for today’s sensibilities, or combine Western artistic genres with China aesthetic forms.

Artist Dialogues invites artists from around the world to exhibit in a solo or joint presentation. Spread across 20+ art spaces, artists will enjoy an intimate environment to sell their work and to articulate their artistic practice into a viewing, learning, and art buying experience for the visitor.



12月5日-2021年2月27日 (逢三至六) 上午10时 (8小时)

@ 艺倡画廊




@ 待定

我们谨此致上最真诚的祝福并期待在2021年Affordable Art Fair与您再会,为您带来定价港币$1,000至$100,000、精彩、崭新及价格相宜的当代艺术作品。


11月29日-12月27日 (逢日) 上午11时 (6小时)

@ 置地广场 中庭 2楼218-219号舖

PS画廊于置地广场向⼤家呈献艺术家李思汝(Afa Annfa)的最新个⼈画展「桌⼦游⼈」。这次画展为艺术家⾸次在JPS画廊的个⼈画展,在2019冠状病毒病(COVID-19)之下,Afa 透过作品,反思及回应全球...