Timable 事件


时间 5月8日-7月8日 (除一外) 上午11时 (7小时)

地点 亚洲协会香港中心 麦礼贤夫人艺术馆 》香港金钟正义道9号




《续章》摆脱了以艺术家个人观点为主导的既定认知﹐强调以艺术创作的批判思维, 将艺术创作的过程作为多角度思考的探索。同时,我们亦以《续章》作为艺术及文化节目策画的探索。除了制造感官的学习经验,亚洲协会香港中心将继续建构更多凝聚社会各界及连结跨领域合作的多元平台。


"Next Act: Contemporary Art From Hong Kong" Art Exhibition

Featuring research-based works by 10 local artists, Next Act: Contemporary Art from Hong Kong responds to the shared history and collective memories of Hong Kong. Throughout the creative process, each artist focuses on different research methodologies, including interviews, archival research, and field studies, as a starting point for their inspiration and thinking process. This process is translated into the final works that come with strong visual impact, interactivity, and performative elements. We encourage visitors to engage with the works by opening their senses and imagination to delve into the past with new perspectives, savor the present, and contemplate what the future holds.

Next Act highlights a critical dimension of these creative practices by pivoting away from the conventional perception that art is a sensual form of truth. Instead, the final works make the creation of art a journey of critical thinking. The exhibition also acts as an occasion to explore the limitless possibilities of our arts and cultural programs and offerings at ASHK. Apart from presenting immersive learning experiences, we passionately continue to move forward and provide an inclusive platform that encourages collaboration across different disciplines.

Exhibition Dates: May 8 to September 27
Venue: Asia Society Hong Kong Center Chantal Miller Gallery
Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday: 11am - 6pm
Last Thursday of every month: 11am - 8pm
Closed on Mondays
Fee: Free of charge

香港插画及文创展 2020 (活动延期)

11月28日-29日 中午 (8小时)

@ 香港九龙湾国际展贸中心 ROTUNDA 3

香港插画及文创展 (HKICS) 由 Hong Kong Hands(HKHands)主办,旨在推动本地插画及创意设计产业的发展。它是一个啓动梦想的交流平台,让插画家和艺术匠人们展示作品,并与商业客户建立业务联...

「Hanging / Hong Kong / 2020」Invader展览

7月10日-8月8日 (逢二至六) 上午11时 (8小时)

@ Over the Influence

国际知名法国艺术家Invader的最新展览「Hanging / Hong Kong / 2020」,呈献艺术家的「Alias」及「Rubikcubist」系列新作。展览亮点包括艺术家的经典系列,以及受艺术史名画启发而创作的「RubikMasterpi

「Fantaisie Ordinaire」柳广成漫画原稿展览

7月15日-8月16日 上午9时 (14小时)

@ 香港艺术中心3/F赛马会展廊

【 最新安排】 1.8.2020 更新 - 展览期 | 延长至 20. 9. 2020! - 现场绘画 x 音乐表演 | 网上免费播放 - 创作人直播分享会 | 特别加开 - 漫画