Timable 事件


时间 7月31日-8月16日 上午10时 (12小时)

地点 赛马会创意艺术中心 L5公共空间 》香港九龙石硖尾白田街30号


During my childhood, as with most Hong Kong people, travelling to outlying island on a weekend would be my great expedition to the beyond because everything was so different than living in the city proper. The laid back atmosphere starkly contrast to the urban overloaded hustle and bustle. The reason for such lifestyle is simple, detached from the main body of land, these islands are not accessible by any form of transport except by ferry services. The only form of transport on the island is by bicycle and on foot.

These islands might still sound seclusive and exotic as of today. All of them are either facing urbanisation or deterioration. Most of them are suffering from aging population where the young ones have all moved to the urban areas. After more than a year of planning and multiple visits to these islands, I hope to present the project as a snapshot of a fleeting lifestyle that is as integral as any of Hong Kong.

Kenneth Leung (M.A. Photography) is a photographer located in Hong Kong.

“synthetic reality” Gosha Levochkin 个展

8月21日-9月26日 (逢二至六) 上午11时 (8小时)

@ Over The Influence 画廊

Over the Influence 荣幸呈献俄裔美国艺术家Gosha Levochkin于香港的首次个展「 (synthetic reality)」。Levochkin以粗线实体的白描(ligne Claire)简洁风格及尺幅较大的丙烯画作着称。是

Marnie Weber 个展

9月11日-10月31日 上午11时 (8小时)

@ Simon Lee 画廊

Simon Lee画廊荣幸呈现洛杉矶艺术家玛妮·韦伯(Marnie Weber)的近期作品展,这是她在香港的首次个展。此次展览恰好与釜山双年展同期举行,韦伯将在双年展期间展出一件大型装置作品,其中...

“PERSONA” 艺术群展

8月25日-10月3日 上午11时 (8小时)

@ Gallery HZ

Aries Wu,'Lily', 2020,Oil on canvas,100 x 80 cm 由Gallery HZ所举办的联展“PERSONA”,带来合共13位来自香港和世界各地的艺术家作品。 Simon Birch,'Untit