Timable 事件


时间 8月20日-10月10日 (逢二至六) 上午11时 (8小时)

地点 凯伦伟伯画廊 》香港中环鸭巴甸街20号


Reflections On Paper

Memories from childhood, thoughts and emotions from the past, favourite pastimes, historical as well as contemporary commentaries are some of the themes explored by eleven upcoming artists from Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and Burma in our latest exhibition 'Reflections On Paper'. Paper is the common medium that all these artists use to capture their diverse expressions and the versatility and imaginativeness with which they use it to effectively tell their individual stories is impressive both in aesthetic as well as technical terms.

As several different ways of using the same medium come together in 'Reflections On Paper' we are encouraged to enjoy these unique interpretations not only for their art but also for their mastery over a craft.



9月30日-11月21日 上午11时 (9小时)

@ HART Hall

非牟利艺术机构HART很高兴宣布其艺术项目汇舍(HART Social Studio)成就的联展《驻家宁神》即将举行,另亦有内容以网上虚拟形式呈现。 由郭瑛策划,是次联展让公众看到四位居港艺术家唐纳...


9月15日-11月20日 (平日) 上午11时 (7小时)

@ Our Gallery

OUR GALLERY很高兴为公众呈献「INTERTWINED」展览。 受邀参展的两位香港女画家来自两个不同的世代,擅长两种不同的作画方式。 她们的作品交织东西方的绘画技巧,并以女性的角度呈现。 周凯...

「Art Unchained」Patrick Tresset艺术展

11月11日-22日 中午 (7小时)

@ 太古坊 ArtisTree

支装颜料的诞生,革命性地改写了绘画艺术的模式。然而,现代科技对艺术界所带来的改变,冲击又会是如何? ArtisTree将联同艺术及科技领域的业界翘楚,包括Joanne Ooi、Lisa Botos及Jean-Luc Gustave...