Timable 事件


时间 2020年8月20日-10月10日 (逢二至六) 上午11时 (8小时)

地点 凯伦伟伯画廊 》香港中环鸭巴甸街20号


Reflections On Paper

Memories from childhood, thoughts and emotions from the past, favourite pastimes, historical as well as contemporary commentaries are some of the themes explored by eleven upcoming artists from Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and Burma in our latest exhibition 'Reflections On Paper'. Paper is the common medium that all these artists use to capture their diverse expressions and the versatility and imaginativeness with which they use it to effectively tell their individual stories is impressive both in aesthetic as well as technical terms.

As several different ways of using the same medium come together in 'Reflections On Paper' we are encouraged to enjoy these unique interpretations not only for their art but also for their mastery over a craft.


「续章: 香港当代艺术展」艺术联展

2020年5月8日-2021年3月14日 (除一外) 上午11时 (7小时)

@ 亚洲协会香港中心 麦礼贤夫人艺术馆

《续章: 香港当代艺术展》汇聚了十位活跃于本地的艺术家,借着研究式的创作,以回应他们对城市的集体历史及共有的生活记忆。在没有既定的创作蓝图下,艺术家以不同的研究手法,如访...

「生之难」陈苡 x 陈可乐双人展

1月20日-2月20日 中午 (6小时)

@ Present Projects


「寻迹」中东欧当代艺术展 K11 Art Foundation x Q Contemporary

1月17日-2月28日 上午10时 (12小时)

@ K11 Art & Cultural Centre 605

K11 Art Foundation与Q Contemporary共同呈献「寻迹」,展示一系列中东欧和中国当代艺术作品。「寻迹」为香港首个全面展示中东欧当代艺术的项目,旨在介绍中东欧当代艺术的同时,搭建文化桥梁...