Timable 事件

“PERSONA” 艺术群展

时间 2020年8月25日-10月3日 上午11时 (8小时)

地点 Gallery HZ 》香港荷李活道222号

Aries Wu,'Lily', 2020,Oil on canvas,100 x 80 cm

由Gallery HZ所举办的联展“PERSONA”,带来合共13位来自香港和世界各地的艺术家作品。

Simon Birch,'Untitled 21', 2020,Pencil on paper,53 x 46 cm

Gallery HZ are thrilled to present our first group exhibition ‘PERSONA’, featuring paintings by Simon Birch, Peter Chan, Clément Denis, Ghost Mountain Field, Aries Wu; photography works by Chong-Il Woo; digital canvas by MoMo Kim; prints by Desmond Lo; drawings by Chow Ciao Chow, Daisuke Tajima and Emmy Wan; as well as sculptures by Camie Lyons and Kirsteen Pieterse. Unified by their sentiments towards how human beings situate themselves in this uncertain and fast-changing world, the thirteen artists from Hong Kong and other parts of the world adopted different mediums and styles to inquire into the notions of time, identity, everyday life and built environment of the contemporary society.

Clément Denis,'Cartographic de l'exode', 2018,Mixed medium on paper,45 x 35 cm

To understand what the artist is trying to convey through their artistic creations, viewers may have a figure in mind when they look at the art piece – imagining the personalities and state of mind reflected in the material, composition, the use of colours, and the choice of subject etc. Art is indeed a persona of the artist exposed to the external world. On the other hand, the way a person interprets and the association one has when seeing an artwork, is in fact embodying the personality, the state of mind and the personal history of oneself.

Chow Ciao Chow,'Your Tears Grow Beautiful Flowers', 2020,Print on paper,50 x 40 cm

Art can be considered as an agent for artists to express their emotions and sentiments. It is also a lens for viewers to look back at themselves through the resonation they have with the piece they are looking at. Consisting the persona one wants to project and the personal feeling, experience and life underlying, art, therefore, is a mirror reflecting a version of self in both the artist and the viewer.

Daisuke Tajima,'No One is There Only Me Standing There', 2020,Print on paper,84 X 108 cm

「侏罗纪X恐龙乐园」互动展览 香港站

12月20日-2022年1月13日 (逢一至四) 上午11时 (7小时30分钟)

@ Portal 6311

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"10 Asian Designers to Watch 2021" 时装展览 @FASHION ASIA HONG KONG 2021

11月30日 (二) 上午11时 (7小时)

@ Pacific House 太平行

10 ASIAN DESIGNERS TO WATCH 2021 是由一众时尚界领袖挑选出十位最值得期待的新锐亚洲杰出设计新星,呈现他们最独特的优秀时装作品。通过策划时装作品展览,借以赞扬新一代设计人才在创新、创...


7月30日-12月1日 (逢一至三,五) 上午10时 (9小时)

@ 香港科学馆 地下展厅

1995年,全球首部全电脑动画制作的电影《反斗奇兵》上映。自此,彼思动画制作室不断创作多部具突 破性的电影,由《反斗奇兵》系列续集、《反斗车王》到近期上映的《灵魂奇遇记》等。...