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"Wish You Luck" Charlene Man Solo Exhibition

时间 9月26日-10月25日 (除一外) 中午 (7小时)

地点 ODD ONE OUT 》香港湾仔圣佛兰士街14号


2020 — Don’t scramble to change its course when you all you need is a stroke of luck. Wish You Luck by Charlene Man is the magic wand we’ve all been waiting for; a wand in the shape of two cats, and a bat, a dragon and a phoenix, a horse and a hundred children. The change we’ve all been yearning for! Reinvent your wealth and health, and your aesthetic perception on Feng Shui paintings with this series of cheery illustrations. Embrace the year’s dichotomies. Whoever said luck and laziness couldn’t coexist? Just look at Lazy Cat. Why not get you a cat that can do both?

There is a devious innocence in the simplicity of Artist Charlene Man’s joyful compositions; her colourful works invite all into a world of arrestingly bold humour, where an approach to the punchline is the relatability of it all. Based between both London and Hong Kong, her inspirations follow her from everyday life, a mixed culture calliope brimming with more than just a happy image.


「Blue Carpet」邓浩伦摄影展暨新书发布

11月6日-12月6日 中午 (7小时)

@ Book B 书店

Book B将会联同1984 Publishing,举办本地摄影师邓浩伦的新作《Blue Carpet》的新书发布及展览。在这本手工书中,拍摄了一个午后的海岸,以及一位忘我的女子。色调由午后的蓝天白云,慢慢过渡...


11月6日-12月31日 (除日外) 上午9时30分 (9小时)

@ Sin Sin Fine Art

呼吸就是生活,是人类生存的本能。 当本能般的「呼吸」在生活上被视为「特权」时,我们才开始觉醒「呼吸」是多么被人们视为理所当然的。 在这艰巨的一年,Sin Sin Fine Art特以「呼吸」为...



@ RNH Space