Timable 事件

时间 2015年11月28日 (六) 下午3时30分 (1小时30分钟)

地点 ELECTRIQ Stage (西九)


The PUSH organisation - made up of DJs Frankie Lam, Lukas and AKW - is about to mark six years of bringing world-class techno and tech-house events to Hong Kong. Since coming together in 2009, the boys have gone from hosting a small midweek event in a dive bar to working with some of the biggest names in the business, including Dixon, Ben Klock, Dave Clarke and Roman Flugel Though partnerships with leading European clubs such as Berghain and Watergate, and labels including Drumcode and Mobilee, PUSH have bought the best of global underground dance music to Hong Kong. At Clockenflap the boys will be doing one of their rare back-to-back sets - so come prepared!

Clockenflap 香港音乐及艺术节2015

2015年11月27日 (五) 下午6时 (5小时)

@ 西九文化区

CLOCKENFLAP 香港音乐及艺术节 2015 香港挚爱的文化乐园 第八度瞩目强势回归 更大阵仗的表演阵容 更震撼的音乐及艺术体验 作为万众期待、香港绝无仅有的音乐及艺术节,Clockenflap 2015经已打破...