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Kamasi Washington 香港音樂會 2019

時間 9月6日 (五) 下午8時15分 (2小時)

地點 香港浸會大學 大學會堂(AC Hall) 》香港九龍塘窩打老道224號 香港浸會大學

費用: $880 / $680 / $480 / $380

When Kamasi Washington released his tour de force LP, The Epic, in 2015, it instantly set him on a path as our generation’s torchbearer for progressive, improvisational music that would open the door for young audiences to experience music unlike anything they had heard before. The 172-minute odyssey featuring his 10-piece band, The Next Step, was littered with elements of hip-hop, classical and R&B music, all major influences on the young saxophonist and bandleader, who exceeds any notions of what “jazz” music is. Released to critical acclaim, The Epic won numerous “best of” awards, including the inaugural American Music Prize and the Gilles Peterson Worldwide album of the year. Washington followed that work with collaborations with other influential artists such as Kendrick Lamar, John Legend, Run the Jewels, Ibeyi and the creation of “Harmony of Difference,” a standalone multimedia installation during the prestigious 2017 Biennial at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City.

His mass appeal continues to grow drawing vibrant, multi-ethnic and multi-generational crowds with tour stops at the world’s most prominent festivals such as Coachella, Glastonbury, Fuji Rock, Bonnaroo and Primavera.

Artist Website: https://www.kamasiwashington.com
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快達票 HK Ticketing
6月17日 (一) 上午10時 開始

6月17日 (一) 上午10時 開始


Green Day 香港演唱會 2020

2020年3月20日 (五) 下午8時 (2小時30分鐘)

@ 亞洲國際博覽館 Arena

Green Day於十年後再度踏上香港舞台,為香港歌迷帶來只此一場的表演。這隊曾五次入選格林美獎搖滾名人堂銜頭的樂隊將於2020年3月20日(星期五)

Lydmor x Nonku Phiri x Asbjorn 香港音樂會 2019

12月5日 (四) 下午8時 (3小時)

@ Terrible Baby

ADAPT Asia is excited to bring to Hong Kong a showcase of international electronic pop artists from South Africa and Denmark.

​Sam Tsui "The Gold Jacket Tour" 亞洲巡迴音樂會 2019 香港站

11月27日 (三) 下午8時 (2小時)

@ TTN This Town Needs

Sam Tsui has been hailed as an internet singing sensation, who along with his production partner Kurt Schneider was among the