Timable 事件


時間 6月27日-7月26日 上午11時 (8小時)

地點 香港大學鈕魯詩樓三樓 》香港大學鈕魯詩樓三樓


The Degree Show will be paused due to the third coronavirus wave in Hong Kong, until further notice. We apologise for any inconveniences caused.

The Degree Show is an annual exhibition of thesis projects produced by the M.Arch final year students. The exhibition also includes works from our overall March Program and the BAAS Program. These projects represent the students’ reflection, vision and imagination of the built-environment, their concerns with the social and cultural milieus as well as their determination to engage in and design new spaces for contemporary conditions in our societies.

Registration: [email protected]

Remarks: In the interest of public health, a series of infection control measures is set to comply with social distancing protocol in the opening and exhibition amid the COVID-19, such as temperature screening, hand sanitizing, wearing of masks, and no eating or drinking. The department will review the situation and adjust relevant preventive measures as and when necessary. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

「Elaine Elaine」中大藝術本科畢業生作品展 2020

11月4日-12日 (逢一至四) 上午10時 (9小時)

@ 牛棚藝術村 12號單位

Elaine Elaine,原諒我們說了或者沒有說甚麼,我們說話不過是為了不讓死寂吞噬世界。就像半夜醒來,我要急着向你重述我的夢,因為回頭再睡就會忘記。我們快將失去這樣的時光,在此之前...

AFFORDABLE ART FAIR Hong Kong 2020 (節目取消)

12月10日 (四) 下午3時 (7小時)

@ 會展

Update: 有鑒於疫情發展尚未穩定以及各項措施的限制,我們很遺憾的宣佈取消原訂於2020年12月舉行的第八屆香港Affordable Art Fair。我們謹此致上最真誠的祝福並期待在2021年Affordable Art Fair與您再...


9月15日-11月21日 上午10時 (7小時30分鐘)

@ 一新美術館