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"Give no words but mum"Lo Lai Lai Natalie Solo Exhibition

time 23 Jan - 19 Apr 11am (10hr)

location Eaton HK 4/F Tomorrow Maybe 》佐敦彌敦道380號香港逸東酒店

(free event)

The wilderness is gently cultivated and turned into a not very orderly farmland.

The planted fruits and vegetables have been silent. I know that the blossoming ones have jumped onto trucks and upon stoves to sacrifice spectacularly; is this murder, or manslaughter? I can't tell. So I take the chance to tell you in some other people’s words:

A one-sided relationship is developing quite well between you and me.
I know what a leaf, petal, kernel, cone, and stem are,
and I know what happens to you in April and December.

Though my curiosity is unrequited,
I gladly stoop for some of you,
and for others I crane my neck.

Wisława Szymborska, The Silence of Plants, trans. Joanna Trzeciak

Click, click, click. This is said to be the sound of rupture in the root cell walls.
You can actually hear the whispers just by pressing your ear to the ground.

Regarding the plants that remain silent, the artist has moved from curiosity and puzzlement to a calm aphasia.

Tomorrow Maybe is proud to present Lo Lai Lai Natalie's latest solo exhibition “Give no words but mum,” featuring her moving image and installation works of the past two years that portray her inexplicably dependent relationship with plants. The most recent works include a personal private underground TV station “Slow-so TV: Give no words but mum” that continues to serve distracted audiences and provides them with programs to pass the time. Thoughts, uprooted together with the plants from the earth, the fine debris serenely scattered about, calmly reveal long-suppressed desires and obsessions.

About Lo Lai Lai Natalie

Lo Lai Lai Natalie was born‭ ‬in Hong Kong‭. ‬She graduated from the Faculty of Art in The Chinese University of Hong Kong‭ (‬Major in Fine Arts‭,‬‭ ‬minor in Japanese Studies‭) ‬in 2006‭. ‬She received her Master of Fine Arts from the Department of Fine Arts‭, ‬The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2017‭. ‬Lai Lai is a former travel journalist‭. ‬She is interested in the development and the construction of nature‭. ‬She is a learner at the
collective organic farm Sangwoodgoon‭ (‬Hong Kong‭) ‬where she also explores the lifestyle of‭ “Half-Farming‭, ‬Half-X”, a practice that seeks alternatives and autonomy as an artist and Hong Konger‭. ‬Lai Lai founded the Slow-so TV channel‭, ‬with a focus on food‭, ‬farming‭, ‬fermentation‭, ‬slow-driving‭, ‬surveillance‭, ‬and meditation‭. ‬Her artworks are mostly moving‭ ‬images‭, photography‭, ‬mixed media and installation‭. Her work is collected by the Sigg Collection.

‬Recently‭, ‬Lai Lai is especially interested in the mutual control and dependence of the emotion and desire found among human beings and nature‭. ‬
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